[Source: Alan Young]
During construction of the Tyne & Wear metro a test track was used to trial the prototype cars on gradients and curves.It had 1½ miles of track, a 2-lane workshop, a station and tunnel and was in use from 1975 until 1980. The workshop and station were on the south side of Middle Engine Lane. The line ran roughly parallel to the B&T line between Percy Main and Prospect Hill, closed to passengers in 1864. After closure in 1980 the southern section of the line became the North Tyneside Steam Railway with the test line workshop becoming the Stephenson Railway Museum. A new station called Percy Main was opened at the southern end of the line. This aerial view shows the workshop. A tunnel can be seen near the top.

This recent aerial view shows the northern terminus of the North Tyneside Steam Railway and the test track workshop which is now the Stephenson Railway Museum. The level crossing and track on the north side of Middle Engine Line has been lifted and does not form part of the steam railway.

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