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Portsmouth Station Gallery 2: September 1961 - July 2016

Portsmouth (Lancs) looking south-east in 1960, or shortly after. An inter-regional express - indicated by the four-character headcode - from the North Eastern Region, or perhaps from the Eastern, hauled by a Stanier ‘Black Five’ is passing through the station which had closed to passengers in 1958.
Photo from Jim Lake collection

On 30 September 1961 a Cravens (later Class 105) 2-car DMU is travelling between Portsmouth (Lancs) and Copy Pit summit; this is the 12.20pm working from Todmorden to Preston.
Photo by Ian G Holt

On 30 September 1961 No.60022 ‘Mallard’ is hauling the Northern Rubber Company’s works special from Retford to Blackpool, and it is seen between Portsmouth (Lancs) station and Copy Pit summit. The Gresley-designed Class A4 4-6-2 was built at the LNER Doncaster works in March 1938 and would be withdrawn from 34A, Kings Cross shed, on 25 April 1963; she is now part of the National Railway Museum collection.
Photo by Ian G Holt

On 30 September 1961 the Northern Rubber Company’s works special from Retford to Blackpool, is seen west of Portsmouth (Lancs) station on the approach to Copy Pit summit. No.60022 ‘Mallard’ is hauling the train, but is enjoying a little assistance on the 1 in 80 gradient from the WD banker No.90348; immediately ahead of the WD is the ‘Devon Belle’ observation car. The banker is a 2-8-0 which remained in service until September 1967 when she was withdrawn from 54A, Sunderland South Dock shed, to be cut up the following month by Hughes Bolckows, Battleship Wharf, North Blyth.
Photo by Ian G Holt

A Leeds – Blackpool extra train is passing Portsmouth West signal box on Saturday 23 July 1966. The disused Portsmouth (Lancs) station is close to the buildings, far left. Hauling the train is No.45565 ‘Victoria’, a Stanier-designed ‘Jubilee’ class 4-6-0, built at the North British Locomotive Company works, Glasgow, in August 1934. She would be withdrawn from 25F, Low Moor shed, in January 1967 and cut up five months later by Drapers, Neptune Street Goods Yard, Hull.
Photo by Ian G Holt

On Saturday 30 July 1966 an 8F-hauled and banked down mineral train is passing through the disused Portsmouth (Lancs) station on the 1 in 80 climb to Copy Pit summit. The view is looking east from Portsmouth Mill. The signal box is prominent, and immediately beyond is the main building on the down platform. The delectable moorland scenery through which the Copy Pit line threads its way can be savoured in this beautifully composed photograph.
Copyright photo by Eric Bentley courtesy of J K Wallace

In May 1968, three months before the ‘end of steam’ on British Railways, a coal train has just passed the disused Portsmouth (Lancs) station heading in the Rose Grove direction on the Down Main line. Stanier-designed 8F 2-8-0 No.48448 heads the train with 48410 at the rear. The leading loco 48448 was built for the War Department at Swindon works and at the time of the photo is allocated to 24B, Rose Grove shed, one of the last outposts of steam. No.48410, which has been giving banking assistance, is also an ‘8F’ built at Swindon and shedded at Rose Grove. A steam-hauled empties train is heading in the opposite direction on the Up Loop. The view is south-eastwards from Dean Farm Bridge.
Photo by Eddie Bobrowski

Looking south-east from Dean Farm Bridge towards Portsmouth (Lancs) station in May 1968. Stanier-designed 8F 2-8-0 No. 48410 is at the back of a coal train on the Down Main line while in the opposite direction a steam-hauled empties train is on the up loop. Portsmouth Ground Frame (formerly Portsmouth Goods signal box) is seen far right; it was abolished on 17 October 1965. In the distance the Portsmouth Station box is visible.
Photo by Eddie Bobrowski

The derelict main building and signal box at Portsmouth (Lancs) station are seen in February 1971, looking south-west. The down platform on which the building stands appears to be intact. It is likely that the building on the up platform has been removed, otherwise John Mann would have photographed it too; his practice was to take several photographs if the location merited it. The signal box is still in use, but in October 1973 it would be downgraded and renamed ‘Portsmouth Level Crossing Frame’ and be decommissioned in September 1975.
Photo by John Mann

The signal box at Portsmouth (Lancs) circa 1974 looking north-east.  This Saxby & Farmer Type 9 brick box containing an S&F 18-lever frame was opened in 1878 as ‘Portsmouth East’. In 1895 the box was renamed ‘Portsmouth Station’ and was raised in height to make it a three-storey structure at the same time as receiving a new 20-lever LYR frame. Portsmouth West / Goods box was, at this time, downgraded to a ground frame. The Portsmouth Station box frame was extended to 36 levers in 1905 when the Up Loop was constructed from Copy Pit. On 21 October 1973 the box was downgraded and renamed ‘Portsmouth Level Crossing Frame’ (as seen on this photo) when the Preston Power Signal Box was given control of the line. However, on 14 September 1975 the box closed and was subsequently demolished.
Photo from Jim Lake and Pennine Horizons Digital Archive

The Railway Touring Company’s ‘Tin Bath' special hauled by Stanier-designed 4-6-0 Black Fives Nos.44871 and 45407 is passing the site of Portsmouth (Lancs) goods yard on the approach to Copy Pit Summit at about 16.43 on 17 March 2013. No.44871 was built in March 1945 at the LMS Crewe works and withdrawn in August 1968 from 11A, Carnforth shed. She is based on the East Lancashire Railway and has been named ‘Sovereign’. Her older companion, also now on the East Lancs, was built by Armstrong Whitworth, Newcastle upon Tyne, in September 1937 and was withdrawn from 24C, Lostock Hall shed, also in August 1968.
Photo by Steve C Boreham

A fine prospect of Portsmouth (Lancs) looking north-west in April 2010. The station was on the near side of the level crossing, just left of centre on the photograph. Vale Mill, seen on several older photographs, is left of the station site. Beyond the built-up area (now within West Yorkshire) the railway enters Lancashire and heads for the summit at Copy Pit, out of sight behind the wooded spur of land.
Photo by Charlie Boyce, reproduced from Geograph under creative commons licence

On 21 July 2016 Class 158 No.158 464 is passing the site of Portsmouth (Lancs) on its way to Blackpool North. The view is south-eastward from the level crossing.
Photo by Alan Young

Looking north-west from the level crossing at Portsmouth (Lancs) at the site of the former goods yard. On 21 July 2016 Class 142 ‘Pacer’ No.142 054 is en route for Manchester Victoria and Wigan Wallgate via the recently reopened ‘Todmorden Curve’. The train called at Burnley Manchester Road at 11.39 and its next ‘station stop’ will be Todmorden at 11.56.
Photo by Alan Young


30 September 1961

July 2016

July 2016

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[Source: Alan Young]

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