[Source: Paul Wright and Alan Young]
The western end of Radcliffe Black Lane station looking east on 21 July 1962. The base from the 1913 signal box which had closed in 1958 can be seen to the left of the locomotive which is working a down passenger service.
hoto by Richard Greenwood

Looking west from the Ainsworth Road bridge on on 21 July 1962. The western end of the Radcliffe Black Lane station platform is seen to the left. About to pass through the station is a mixed goods train hauled by a WD Austerity class locomotive.
Photo by Richard Greenwood

Radcliffe Black Lane station looking east from underneath the Ainsworth Road bridge in 1964.
Photo from the Radcliffe Library collection

A similar view to the photo above but taken from a Rochdale to Bolton train on 12 September 1969. The station is still staffed by this time and appears to be tidy. That would all change by the end of the year when all of the stations on the line became unstaffed and paytrains were introduced.
Photo from the Paul Williams collection from his Flickr photostream

Looking east along the up platform in 1970.
Copyright photo from Stations UK

Radcliffe Black Lane station looking east in May 1975.
Photo by John Mann

Looking east at Radclffe Black Lane station on 12 April 1976.
Photo by Alan Young

A view looking east at the site of Radcliffe Black Lane station on 28 August 2010. The pylon seen in the distance can also be seen on the 1975 view above.
hoto by Paul Wright

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[Source: Paul Wright]

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