(St. Helens Platform)

Rainford Junction station looking east from the signal box in the 1930's. The St. Helens line platform platform is seen to the right.
Copyright photo from Stations UK

The Rainford Junction St Helens line platform seen in 1950. A St Helens train has recently arrived having been pulled to Rainford Junction by Sutton Oak based Ivatt 2MT 2-6-2T locomotive number 41286. The train would depart for St Helens with the engine pushing the two coaches.

The St. Helens platform at Rainford Junction station looking north-east in 1968.
Photo by Tony Graham

Rainford Junction signal box in the 1970's seen from the derelict Ormskirk
line platform. The St Helens line platform can be seen in the background.
Photo by Matt Doran

The Rainford Junction station St. Helens line platform looking south-west towards the site of Randle Junction in February 2006.
Photo by Bevan Price

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[Source: Nicholas Crosby & Paul Wright]

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