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[Source: Nick Catford]

Redbourn Station Gallery 2:11 May 1957 - 1966

Redbourn station looking north-east on 11 May 1957. The Locomotive Club of Great Britain railtour has a 12 minute photographic stop at Redbourn before proceeding to Hemel Hempsted and Heath
Park Halt.
Photo from John Mann collection

Redbourn station looking south-west in 1958. Passenger services were withdraw in 1947 but the goods yard remains busy with coal wagons seen here.

South Beds Loco Club The Nickey railtour has waits at Redbourn station while enthusiasts take photos duringf the 12 nubute wait. Health & Safety was not an issue in those days; if someone wanted to climb ionto the coal wagon to get a better picture that wasn't an issue.
Photo received from Jim Lake

South Beds Loco Club The Nickey railtour has just left Redbourn and is seen crossing High Street bound for Hemel Hempsted. The tour, hauled by 40026 was a return journey from Harpenden Central to Hemel Hempsted Midland Road. The road on the right before the bridge is the access road to the station which suggests the Bridge Cafe might have been in the station building.

Redbourn station looking south-west in July 1963. Although the station woukd remain open for goods traffic for another year weeds are beginning to take over the track as well as the platform.
Photo by Ron Fisher from his Flickr photostream

Redbourn station in November looking north-east 1963
Copyright photo by John Alsop

Redbourn station looking north-east in September 1964. The station closed completely on 6 July and demolition of the station building has started. The line remained open for hemelite traffic.
Photo by John Attfield

Redbourn station looking north-east in September 1964. The sidings which closed 8 weeks earlier are getting overgrown. The goods shed is seen on the far left,
Photo by John Attfield

By September 1964 Redbourn station is seen in a very dilapidated state during demolition.
Photo by John Attfield

On 8 August 1965 during filming of Red Horse, Red Rider, an episode of The Baron. For the filming the St Albans shunt engine brought a train of empty wagons to Redbourn. In the film one of the wagons was boarded at the station but filmed from the other side so the platform isn't seen. The class 08 has been modified for the filming with the addition of a headlight. The episode took place in a fictional country overseas. The Baron was filmed at Elstree Studios which is close to the Hemel Hempstead line.
Photo by David Ford from Harpenden's Railways Facebook Group

Redbourn Station in looking south-west in 1966; the station building and the goods shed have now been demolished but the sidings remain in place.
Photo by Ian Baker

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1966 - May 2006




[Source: Nick Catford]

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