[Source: Terry Callaghan]
The staff of the station pose for a photograph during 1934 the photographer is looking towards Birmingham with the Selwyn Road overbridge visible in the background.
The smoke coming from the platelayers hut indicates it is occupied.
Copyright photo from the John Mann colleciton

An LMS tank engine blows off excess steam as it departs with a train to Harborne during November 1934 although in its last month of operation the station is looking very well kept.
Photo by W A Camwell

The station viewed looking north-east following its closure in 1934 the buildings were quickly demolished and it looks as though the original line, to the right of the platform has been taken out of use.
Photo by C J Williams

An interesting shot taken during July 1956 from Rotton Park Road showing the degraded platform and the original line still in situ although heavily overgrown.
Photo by D J Norton

Looking towards Birmingham in October 1970 with the line having been lifted some 7 years with vegetation encroaching on the trackbed and rubbish strewn all over the place.
Photo by John Mann

Seen within the trees, to the right of the public footpath which occupies the site today is a raised mound of earth in roughly the position of the platform on 14 May 2014.
Photo by Terry Callaghan

Looking across Rotton Park Road on 14 May 2014 at what was the entances to the station. The original 1874 access was via a ramp to the left of the bridge and the 1903 walkway following the rebuilding would have been to the right of the brickwork.
Photo by Terry Callaghan

One of several of the concrete bases constructed to support the 1903 walkway
seen on 29 June 2014.
Photo by Terry Callaghan

The only visible surviving post from the 1903 walkway seen from the trackbed on 29 June 2014.
Photo by Terry Callaghan

The remnants of the steps which led from Selwyn Road to the footpath on 29 June 2014.The steps can clearly be seen in the first picture of the gallery.
Photo by Terry Callaghan

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[Source: Terry Callaghan]

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