[Source: Glynn Waite (Rowsley Association)]

A diagram showing the area occupied by the 1926 engine shed and adjacent Engineer’s Sidings. Note the Welfare Ground in the lower centre. This was the area known as ‘Cow Pasture’, which was purchased in 1898 as a potential site for the new shed. It appears to have been too small for that purpose, hence the reason for buying additional land on the opposite side of the main line. In the 1920s this area of land was given to the staff, who laid out various sports and children’s facilities. Two old coach bodies were used for changing and community gatherings. It was known as the LMS Sports Ground (Welfare Ground being an alternative name). Unfortunately, the land was leased to the Ministry of Supply in 1941 to help the war effort, and Firth Derihon’s Factory (now Firth Rixson) built on the site – just at the time when the compliment of staff at Rowsley was increasing quite dramatically.
From Rowsley Association
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