Station Name: SANDGATE

[Source: Nick Catford and Brian Hart]

The view from Hospital Hill overlooking Sandgate station and the Royal Military Canal with the land curving round towards Dungeness in the distance has always been a popular vantage point for photographers. This view shows goods wagons in the down platform road and coal wagons in the siding at the east end of the station. The stationmaster's office is seen to the left of the main station building; two workmen are standing on ladders in front of it. A number of poster boards are noted next to the office waiting to be erected. A siding can just be made out running behind the up platform. This ran on down the approach road to join the Hythe & Sandgate tramway. The photograph was probably taken shortly before the gents' toilet was relocated in 1905.This is a tinted version of a
photograph in the first gallery
Photo from John Mann collection

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