[Source: Darren Kitson]

The 1902 1:2,500 OS map reveals big changes had taken place with conversion to a proper railway. Subsequently only minor changes were to occur and in particular in connection with the provision of a horse landing opposite the station building. At the top pf the map can be seen the Shipston-on-Stour Home signal (S.P). This was operated by a lever located at the south end of the station platform and was reputedly ignored much of the time, which given the branch was operated 'one engine in steam' would not have been a major issue even if it did contravene the Rule Book. In any event drivers would have approached the terminus with caution as there was a falling gradient but with no requirement to stop and pin down brakes. The gasworks still has only one gasometer but the small buildings to the north of the manager's house (the building in the bottom right corner) have now appeared.

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