[Source: Paul Wright]

Notes: The Shrewsbury & Chester Railway opened a locomotive depot at Shrewsbury on 12 December 1848. It was located on the west side of the line adjacent to the campany's temporary station.

The shed was a three road building at Coton Hill which was provided with a turntable. It was abosorbed into the Great Western Railway (GWR) on 1 May 1854

The GWR had opened another depot at Coton Hill but further to the north beyond the Coton Hill Road overbridge. They named the original depot Coton Hill South and the new facility Coton Hill North.

The depot was closed in 1883 but the turntable and pits continued in use for an unknown time.

The building was adapted for use as a goods shed, such duty lasting probably, just into the 21st century. It was later developed as appartments.

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The Shrewsbury & Chester Railway locomotive shed (Coton Hill South) seen looking south on 22 March 1987. The main lines of the former Shrewsbury & Chester Railway are in the foreground.
Photo by Roger Griffiths

The Shrewsbury & Chester Railway locomotive depot shown on a six-inch map from 1881.




[Source: Paul Wright]

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