Station Name: SOUTH HOWDEN

[Source: Mark Dyson]

South Howden Gallery 2 July 1955 - 2012

A push and pull unit is seen pulling out of the up platform at South Howden station in July 1955, a few weeks before closure.
Photo from John Mann collection

South Howden station looking north-east along the down platform in July 1955.
Photo from John Mann collection

South Howden station was occasionally used for excursions after closure in 1955.This view shows shows class A5 4-6-2T 69837 hauling an excursion to Bridlington on 28 July 1957. 69837 was reaching the end of its service life. It was withdrawn on 3 December 1958 from Botanic Gardens shed in Hull and scrapped the same month at Darlington works.
Photo from 53A Models of Hull Collection

South Howden station looking south-west from Station Road bridge in 1958. Three years after closure little has changed. The goods yard would remain open for another year. The small goods shed is seen in the distance to the left of the main line.
Copyright photo from Stations UK

South Howden station looking north-east in 1969. the waiting room on the down platform
has been demolished
hoto by Graham Metcalf

South Howden station approach road in 1969.

Photo by Graham Metcalf

A similar view in May 1975; little has changed since the previous view.
Copyright photo by Nigel Mundy

Another view from Station Road bridge in December 1977. Part of the up platform has been demolished to allow vehicles onto the track bed.
Photo by Alan Young

South Howden station building and up platform in 1978.
Photo by John Law from his Flickr photostream

South Howden station forecourt in 1978, shortly before the building was demolished.

Looking south-west from Station Road towards the site of South Howden station in 2012. The bridge has been removed and the road lowered. The station site is now occupied by housing with a new road (Shelford Avenue) running parallel with the line, from this a number of short roads serve now housing built on the site of the station and goods yard.




[Source: Mark Dyson]

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