Looking west from the Windsor Road footbridge towards Southport Chapel Street Station in 1962. In the top right corner of the picture the roof of Southport Central station can clearly be seen. At this time it was in use as a goods station and was called Kensington Road Goods. The loco is 61275. It was ordered by the LNER but entered service for the fledgling British Railways 12 January 1948. This Thompson-designed B1 was one of a batch built at the North British Loco Co. works in Glasgow and it lasted until withdrawal from 50A, York North on 28 October 1965 to be scrapped by Hughes Bolckows of North Blyth. The B1s were the LNER equivalent of the LMS Black Five, a dual purpose, go-anywhere loco and became very popular with crews.

Southport Central looking west in the 1960s during the goods station period. The station trainshed was extended after closure to passengers. This view shows the extension the brickwork being slighly lighter. Click here to compare with a view from June 2015.

The approach lines to Southport Central as seen in 1967 when it was still in use as a goods depot. The station itself can be seen in the top left of the picture.
Copyright photo from Stations UK

A view of Southport Central seen from the air on 14 September 1967.

Southport Central looking north-west on 3 August 1975. The departure platform had been to the right. It was cut back during the goods station period and an island platform, seen to the left, was installed.
Photo by Ian McLoughlin from his 10B Flickr photostream

Southport Central seen from its southern side looking north-west in April 1977. Click here to compare with a view from June 2015.

Southport Central station is seen in the top right corner of the picture in this view from 1980 looking north-west. The picture was taken from the Windsor Road footbridge and shows the approaches to the station which, by this date, were devoid of track. In the top left can be seen the Southport locomotive sheds which, in 1980, were in use as the Steamport Railway Museum. The historic Liverpool & Manchester Railway locomotive ‘Lion’ can be seen leaving Steamport.
Photo by Tony Graham

Looking west towards Southport Central station on 11 September 1982. The station had been demolished and industrial units can be seen under construction on its site. To the left of the station site the former Southport Locomotive Depot can be seen. At this time it was the Steamport Railway Museum. A class 108 DMU is seen heading into the museum.
Photo by Mark Bartlett

Looking west towards the site of Southport Central Station in January 2006. The industrial buildings occupy the station approach lines. The houses on the right backed onto the line and station.
Photo from Paul Wright

Looking north-west towards the site of Southport Central in July 2011.
Photo from Paul Wright









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[Source Tony Graham &: Paul Wright]

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