Station Name: SUDBURY (2nd site)

[Source: Nick Catford]

Sudbury Station Gallery 2 1960 - 2005

Looking east from Sudbury station up platform c1960s.
Photo from John Mann collection

Looking west from the public footbridge east of Sudbury station in 1965. The bridge took a footpath across the line and allowed pedestrians from the south side of the line to reach the station avoiding a long walk around the perimeter of the goods yard.
Photo from John Mann collection

The M. & G.N.J.R.S. ‘East Anglian Branch Farewell Railtour at Sudbury station. looking south-west towards Braintree on 4 March 1967. This was a Cravens DMU railtour which started from Marks Tey; Sudbury was the first stop.
Photo by Chris Totty

A Colchester train is seen in the up platform at Sudbury station in July 1966. The bridge in the background carries a public footpath and allows pedestrians to reach the station from the south side of the line avoiding a long walk around the perimeter of the goods yard.
Copyright photo by H C Casserley

Looking north-east towards Sudbury station in c mid 1960s after the line closed to passenger traffic. Note the buffer stop on the up line at the west end of the platform. This was the only platform now used by passenger trains. All goods traffic was diverted onto the down line through the station. The line was always single west of Sudbury but the double track used to continue almost up to a bridge over the Gasworks Cut, a short branch of the River Stour Navigation.

A class 101 DMU forms the 13.57 service to Colchester on a cold day at Sudbury station in 1969. Once again Sudbury is a terminus following closure of the line to all traffic in March 1967.
Photo by Tom Burnham from his Flickr photostream

A Cravens Class 105 DMU is seen at Sudbury station in May 1974. Although the totem signs had been removed by this time BR Eastern Region blue running in boards were still in place. The track to Cambridge was lifted in 1970. The station building found a new use as the town's museum this year.
Photo by Alan Young

A Class 100 DMU waits at Sudbury station in August 1978 seen from the former down platform which has returned to nature.
Photo by Jonathan White

Sudbury station looking west from the footbridge to the east of the station in February 1982. BR corporate identity signage has now arrived at Sudbury. The concrete supports for the old BR running-in board are still seen on the former down platform. All the down platform buildings have now been demolished. The station footbridge was carefully dismantled and has been rebuilt at the East Anglian Railway Museum at Chappel station.
Photo by Alan Young
Sudbury station in June 1984. Many of the ground floor windows of the station building were bricked up when the building housed the Sudbury Museum.
Photo Mike Slocombe from Urban75 web site

By 1986 the track had been cut back and the west end of the platforms removed during the construction of the Kingfisher Leisure Centre which is seen in the background.
Photo by Andy Neal from his Flickr photostream

By 1989 the track had been further cut back requiring an extension to the east end of the platform to allow trains to continue using the station. Note the recently provided ‘bus shelter’ on the platform, replacing the shelter that was still available under the canopy. The station building had been empty for some years following a break-in and fire in 1985 that forced the Sudbury Museum to vacate the building.
Photo by Ted Bloomfield

When a further section of the platform in front of the station building was fenced off in 1989, a short timber extension was built at the east end to allow 2-car DMUs to use the platform.
Photo from Richard Postill from his Flickr photostream

The timber platform extension at Sudbury station seen from the public footbridge in 1989, in 1991 the line would be diverted through the bushes on the right into a new terminus platform.
Photo by Paul Lemon

Sudbury station c1991, shortly before demolition. On 28 October 1991 the second Sudbury station closed when a new station was opened a short distance to the east. The old station was demolished to make way for expansion of the Kingfisher Leisure Centre.

Looking west at the third Sudbury station in August 2005. The platform was built on the
site of a former horse dock.
Photo by Nick Catford

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:[Source: Nick Catford]

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