The Royal Agricultural Society of England 1922 show

[Source: Darren Kitson]

Trumpington Showground

This plan) is a partially redrawn version of the original but with certain features and text added. Much original text was poor and difficult to read, so this had been redone where necessary. The original surveyor is noted at bottom left. The plan offers an excellent idea of what the show comprised and what facilities were available. The organisers had thought of everything: a post office, fire station, ambulance station, railway offices, plentiful refreshment and toilet facilities were provided, to name but a few. Note that some of the toilets are marked with a symbol resembling a padlock. Presumably these were toilets with cubicles while others were only urinals. No information about water supplies and drainage is known - if indeed there was any - so it is assumed toilets discharged into a cess or retention tank and staff dealt with these at intervals. Railway details, one of the additions to the original plan, are minimal as we have a separate plan showing these. Long Road has been given its by-then-correct name and this appeared on the original plan.

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