The Royal Agricultural Society of England 1922 show

[Source: Darren Kitson]

Trumpington Showground

This plan is from the September 1922 edition of Railway Magazine (RM) but with orientation added. The platforms were lettered rather than numbered; a sensible idea, presumably to avoid any possible confusion with the main Cambridge station nearby. Trumpington's platforms were A, B and C from the west; thus the island was A and B while the single platform on the up London line was C. Note that on the left Trumpington Road becomes Long Lane, but in the text below the plan the entire road is referred to as Trumpington Long Road. None of these names were correct (see previous plan). During the early nineteenth century the road was named Trumpington New Road and in late in that century the Ordnance Survey showed it as Mill Road; there was once a windmill in the locality. It continued so-named until sometime just prior to WWI when it became Long Road. Today, of course, the name is still Long Road while Trumpington Road is that continuing from Trumpington Street, in the centre of Cambridge, to Trumpington itself and the whole area is now part of the City of Cambridge.

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