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Uxbridge High Street Station Gallery 2:
26 September 1954 - March 2010

Lookingh north from Uxbridge High Street station on 26 September 1954 during a visit by the Londoin Railway Society Diesel Excursio.
Photo from Mike Morant collection

Uxbridge High Street Station in the mid 1950s - note the shortening of the platform. The signs say: Gentleman, Ladies Waiting Room, Waiting Room and Booking Office.
Photo by John Smith

Uxbridge High Street Station in the mid 1950's
Photo by John Smith

A 5700 class tank, 8752, is seen shunting coal wagons in the Uxbridge High Street yard in January 1962. The goods yard was at a lower level, the viaduct can just be made out behind the bushes on the left. With just a year left in service, this Collett designed shunting and light freight engine was withdrawn from Southall shed on 31 January 1963 after 30 years. A year later it was sent for scrapping to A King and Sons of Norwich.
Photo by David Pearson

The viaduct in February 1968. The station at closure was sited on the embankment on the left (demolished when this picture was taken) at the end of the viaduct. It originally extended along the viaduct towards High Street.
Photo by Nick Catford

The site of the station was on the recenly demolished embankment - seen here in February 1968
Photo by Nick Catford

The booking office was still there in 1969
Photo by Ian Baker

The site of the station on the embankment at the end of the viaduct - see here in March 1969. The goods yard is seen at a lower level on the left.
Photo by Nick Catford

The viaduct in July 1974. The station was located on an embankment at the end of the viaduct. A small section of the back wall of the street level building still stands (1974)
to the right of the Charrington's shop which is also seen in the picture above. The brick wall protruding from the viaduct supported the platform before it was shortened.
Photo by Nick Catford

The site of Uxbridge High Street street level building in March 2010 taken from a similar viewpoint
to the picture above.
Photo by E D Wivens

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