[Source: Nick Catford]

The Victory Snack Bar was owned by the Richardson brothers who appear to have started their catering business during the inter-war years when they served tea pies from a mobile van in front of the station, the vehicle being kept overnight in the goods yards. The Richardson's also had a cafe next to the entrance to the goods yard at West Drayton, a fixed stand in Uxbridge Market Square and another mobile van outside the Dog & Duck in Denham. The snack bar seen here was established in the old coal office formerly occupied by Thorpe Brothers. It was run by Fred Richardson and became known as Fred's Place. He is remembered for his deadpan sense of humour, customers returning empty plates often being told if they were not satisfied they could always bring the food back. He sold a variety of pies and sandwiches and other snacks as well as tea, all of which were popular with some of the station staff and train crews. Fred opened early in the morning and was even known to be still opened when the cinema finished in the evening.
Information from Peter Steele

Another later view (probably early 1960s) of the Victory snack bar opposite the Railway Arms pub which was on the opposite side of Vine Street.

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