PHOTO GALLERY 1 - 1930 to 1973

[Source: Paul Wright]

Warrington Arpley station as seen looking north from the air in 1930. To the north of the station on the far side of the forecourt can be seen the coal yard with wagons stabled in the sidings. The engine shed can be seen to the south with a locomotive just outside.

Looking east from Arpley Junction signal box in the 1950s. A freight train is seen waiting at the junction signals. The signal arms to the right indicate the southbound route towards Walton Old Junction and those to the left indicate the route towards Garston via Widnes. Warrington Arpley station can be seen in the distance.
A view of Warrington Arpley looking east from a departing train in April 1957. A goods train is seen passing the up platform on its way east. Standing on the centre through line are two coaches that formed part of a push-and-pull train.
Photo by H C Casserley

Warrington Arpley station looking east from the forecourt on 11 January 1959 after it had closed to passenger services. The imposing station building is clearly illustrated.
hoto by Peter Norton

Looking south at the Warrington Arpley from the station forecourt in 1962. A bus of the Crosville company can be seen to the right. The station forecourt was used as a bus station until the early 1980s.
Photo by Alan Atwood

A westbound coal train is seen passing over Arpley Junction in March 1965. At the rear of the train can be seen Warrington Arpley station which had been closed to passengers
for nearly seven years by this time.
Photo by Eddie Bellas

The ‘Push-and-Pull Farewell’ rail tour is seen at Arpley heading west towards Ditton Junction on 5 February 1966. The layout at Arpley is clearly illustrated. The goods yard is seen to the left and the passenger station is in the distance.
Photo by Bevan Price

Looking east from the Slutchers Lane bridge towards Warrington Arpley on 15 February 1970. Some rationalisation had taken place with the removal of the goods yard and the demolition of the station building. Despite the contraction Arpley remains a very busy railway location at this time as the photo clearly illustrates. An eastbound train hauled by an English Electric type 4 (later Class 40) is seen coming off the line from Walton Old Junction whilst in the distance a westbound freight is seen waiting at the junction signals.
Photo by Keith Holt from the KDH Flickr photostream

A view looking west towards the site of Warrington Arpley station on 9 July 1973. A westbound freight train is seen passing over Arpley Junction.
Photo by Keith Holt from the KDH Flickr photostream

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[Source: Paul Wright]

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