Station Name: WATFORD WEST

[Source: Nick Catford]

Watford West Station Gallery 2: 1976 - May 2014

Watford West station's platform building had been demolished by 1976. After several years corporate identity signs were fitted, and they gave the station name as ‘West Watford’ – presumably a mistake. The old maroon BR ‘Watford West’ board remained in place until after 1990.
Photo by Alan Young

Watford West booking office in August 1986. Little has changed since the station was built in 1912.
Photo by David Pearson

A class 501 EMU stands at Watford West station with a Croxley Green train in May 1985.
Photo by David Pearson

A DMU shuttle service at Watford West station in March 1987. Although Class 313s took over the service in 1986, on a number of occasions during 1987 and early 1988 a DMU worked the service, possibly owing to a shortage of Class 313 units.
Photo by David Pearson

A Class 313 EMU at Watford West in May 1990. The lamp posts seen in the picture above have been replaced during the Network SouthEast rebranding.
Photo by David Pearson

Watford West station, looking east towards Vicarage Road in September 1994. Watford Stadium station platform can just be made out on the right on the far side of the bridge.
hoto by Martin Potter

Watford West station looking west in April 1998, two years after the service was suspended. The line was mothballed with the intention of reinstating the service.
Photo by Nick Catford

Watford West station looking east in April 2005. Although the service was suspended in March 1996 the line was not officially closed until 29 September 2003, with the stipulation that the infrastructure must remain in place for five years in case it should be needed for the Croxley Rail link. By this time nature was taking over.
Photo by Hywel Williams, reproduced from Geograph under creative commons licence

Watford West station looking north-west in 2006. The station was now heavily overgrown b ut surprisingly all the platform signs were still in place.
Photo by Kevin Pearce

Watford West station looking west in February 2013.
hoto by Nick Catford

Watford West station looking east in March 2014 during clearance of the station site.
Photo by Robert Fone

Watford West station looking west in April 2014.
Photo by Matthew Davis

Watford West station looking east from Tolpits Lane in June 2014. The contractor had a yard on top of the bank on the left. Trees were cut up here ready for removal by road.
Photo by Nick Catford

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[Source: Nick Catford]

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