[Source: Nick Catford]

Wheathampstead Station Gallery 2
Late 1960s - October 2014

Wheathampstead booking office and stationmaster's house in the late 1960s. The end of the goods yard can be seen in the foreground with two buffer stops and the weigh office.

Wheathampstead station looking west in May 1968
Photo by Nick Catford

Wheathampstead station forecourt in May 1968
Photo by Nick Catford

In 1968 Wheathampstead station appeared on a record sleeve. Wheathampstead was a second choice by the photographer as the idea was to chain members of the band to some disused tracks. The photographer found a location and although the track wasn’t rusty he insisted that no trains used this line, so they started chaining the band members to the track. One of the band members was a train spotter and wasn’t convinced the line was disused. He kept an ear to the lines and after a while heard a distant rumble so convinced the others to abandon the shoot much to the annoyance of the photographer.They had just removed the last length of chain when along trundled a diesel shunter with a few wagons in tow. Rather than risk another train coming along they moved to Wheathampstead and did the shoot there.

Wheathampstead station looking east in 1969.
Photo by Ian Baker

Wheathampstead goods yard c.early 1970s, shortly before demolition of the goods shed.
Photo by Barry Euington

Wheathampstead station looking east in early 1971, probably shortly before the
building was demolished.
Photo by Nigel Reeve

Wheathampstead station looking east in February 1976.
Photo by Alan Young

Wheathampstead station looking west in 2006
hoto by David Warby from his Lost Lines web site

Wheathampstead station looking west in May 2006 after 1 hour of undergrowth clearance.
Photo by Nick Catford

Working party at Wheathampstead station in March 2010
Photo by Freetalk1 from his Flickr web site

Wheathampstead station on its 150th anniversary on 1st September 2010. There was a ceremony to commemorate the completion of the first stage of the platform restoration.
hoto by John Burgess

A 40-foot section of track was laid in 2014 and an open goods wagon now sits on it. A ceremony was held at the station on 1 June 2014.
Photo by David Johnston

A replica waiting shelter with a valance in similar in style to the original was constructed on the platform in 2014 (October 2014).
hoto by John Dawson

Wheathampstead station in October 2014.
Photo by David Johnston

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[Source: Nick Catford]

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