[Source: Darren Kitson]

The scene in 1971 looking south along the Worlington - Red Lodge - Kentford Road. The fencing on the right in front of the clear patch marks the site of the bridge at Worlington. The halt was on the right and the top of the access pathway was a short distance along a track just in front of the Datsun Cherry. The fencing, which is visible in views taken from the trackbed, is still there at the time of writing but largely hidden by undergrowth. The wide grassy area on the left is part of the infilled cutting. This infilling was only done east of and including the bridge. Today a large private house sits on the infilled cutting just east the former bridge. The road just visible going off to the left is Golf Links Road. Unlike the Mildenhall branch, the golf club continues to thrive.
Photo from John Mann collection

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