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Wretham & Hockham Gallery 2:
June 1964 - July 2017

In this view to the north in June 1964 Wretham and Hockham’s platform is looking less well cared-for.  A couple of passengers are waiting for a train, not yet signalled.
Copyright photo from Stations UK

A Class 03 diesel can be seen in the siding beyond the level crossing at Wretham and Hockham, its train stopped on the running line.  The platform is overgrown so this is probably a photo dating from close to the time of closure in 1964.
Copyright photo from John Alsop collection

Passengers board a two-car Derby Lightweight DMU on a northbound train.  Said to be a photograph of the last train to leave Wretham and Hockham on 12 June 1964 when the line closed.

Wretham and Hockham station buildings viewed from the road in September 1971, more than seven years after closure.
Photo by HC Casserley

The scene at Wretham and Hockham looking north from the site of the level crossing in 1971.  The extension to the station house can just be seen on the left. The track bed has been partially infilled leaving an easy step dolwn from the platform.
Photo by HC Casserley

In 1975, eleven years after closure of Wretham and Hockham station, the level crossing has gone, the trackbed filled in and name-boards removed but outwardly little has changed with the buildings.
Photo Alan Young

A June 1975 view of the station from the A1075 a little way north of the site of the level crossing.  This view of Wretham and Hockham station is now unobtainable due to thick hedges at the roadside.
Photo by David Burrows from his Flickr photostream

In this 1987 view, twenty-three years after closure, Wretham and Hockham station
remains little changed.
Photo by Tim Horn from his Flickr photostream

The station buildings at Wretham and Hockham are now a house, sympathetically extended to the left where the cars are parked and seen in July 2017.
Photo by Glen Kilday

The platform glimpsed through thick hedging in July 2017. Since the 1987 photograph was taken a name-board has been erected and some ‘heritage’ advertising signs placed on replaced fences.
Photo by Glen Kilday




[Source: Glen Kilday]

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