[Source: Darren Kitson

1906 1:2,500 OS map. By this date South Town station plus its goods and locomotive facilities have taken on the form which would remain familiar until 1952 - with a few minor exceptions. The station now has three platform roads, with Platform 1 (on the south-east side of the station) coming into use with the opening of the Lowestoft line shortly before. What became Platform 4 has been widened at its outer end and is in use as a short bay probably, at this date, for non-passenger use. The coal yard, which was not provided until as late as 1884, is shown but as yet no cattle dock or pens are shown, The provision of cattle pens, photographic evidence suggests, was something of a 'now you see it, now you don't' affair and in later years the coal yard took over more or less the entire sidings area. The cattle market south of the station would later occupy the near-vacant site at the end of Station Road (the unnamed road running parallel to the coal yard). The siding running behind the signal box had been a dead end; it now continues southwards towards Yarmouth South Town Junction (off the bottom of the map). The iron works which had stood between the station and what was then Plevna Road has now gone.

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