[Source: Darren Kitson

1928 1:2,500 OS map. Apart from some alterations to sidings and pointwork, little has changed on the railway scene since 1906. An additional siding has, however, appeared on the Down side and stretches to a point opposite the end of Coronation Road but its purpose is unknown. It may have been for the barrel factory although given the factory's distance from the railway the siding would have offered little advantage unless the barrel business was booming to the extent where special facilities were deemed necessary. Great Yarmouth once had a thriving brewing industry, little known outside the locality owing, no doubt, to being overshadowed by the fishing industry. One point to note Is that the cattle market south of the station has now moved to the end of Station Road, opposite the locomotive turntable which by this time was a 60ft example and would remain so until 1951/52 when the little-known 65ft example took its place.

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