Station Name: ANGEL ROAD

[Source: Nick Catford]

Angel Road station looking east in 1936, the main line runs south (right) to north. Two platforms are seen on the north side of Angel Road. The booking office is at street level on the viaduct with steps down to each platform. Brick buildings are seen close to the souther end of each platform that on the down side is substantially longer than the up side building. The good yard is seen behind the down platform with sidings passing either side of a large goods shed. Angel Road South signal box is seen at the north end of the up platform, this was abolished in 1926 and the building put to a new use. Angel Road Junction signal box is in the V of the junction with the Edmonton line curving to the north west. A siding runs diagonally away from the main line on the east side of the station this serves Wireless and Furniture works. The substantial range of buildings to the east of the station comprise a clothing factory and furniture works, neither are rail connected. Click here for a larger version.
Photo from Britrain From Above, reproduced with permission

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