Photos by Bob Parsons - April 2012

1898 1:10,560 OS map.

Looking from the junction of Railway Hill and South Barham Road toward the railway line. The line crossed the road where it levels out just in front of the car.

Surviving bridge abutment of the Railway Hill.

Surviving bridge abutment of the Railway Hill.

The bridge number has clearly been repainted at some time.

Looking in the opposite direction from Railway Hill. The bridge abutment is behind the photographer, The trees in the background are on the track bed.

1 and 2 Railway Cottages in Railway Hill.

Looking down Railway Hill, the railway cottages are seen on the left with the bridge abutment beside the third car.

3 and 4 Railway Cottages are opposite the other pair. These are Grade II listed.

The track bed at South Barham Farm, adjacent to South Barham Road looking north.

The track bed,100 metres north of the previous picture.

The same position as above but looking south.

Looking at the track bed from South Barham Road about another 100m north of the previous view.   In this stretch the railway route from Barham crosses fields on the level, becomes a low embankment and then cutting as it passes under the road leading to the farm and then level with the fields (and Nailbourne) toward the Wingmore road bridge.

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[Source: Bob Parsons]

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