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[Source: Alan Young]

Coldstream Station Gallery 2: Early 1950s - 9 July 1961

Coldstream station looking north. The dark paint on the nameboard (far left) suggests that it is still in LNER livery before being repainted in tangerine by BR North Eastern Region, so the date is probably 1940s or very early 1950s. In this useful general view the buildings on both platforms are clearly visible, as are the NER signal box and footbridge and the water crane in the foreground at the down platform ramp. Prominent in the ‘four foot’ between the tracks is the rodding to operate the points beyond the southern end of the platforms.

Looking north towards Coldstream station in March 1955. The signal (right) is set for a down train (towards Kelso). The bridge in the foreground is over the A697 road.
Photo from RW Lynn collection

Looking north towards Coldstream station in September 1955. The photographer is standing on the track of the former Alnwick line which at this time carries goods only as far south as Wooler. Just beyond the bridge over the A697 a lady has spurned the opportunity to use the NER footbridge and is using the barrow crossing instead.
Copyright photo by HC Casserley

Looking north at Coldstream station in September 1955. The view is probably from a departing down train crossing the road bridge, while the porter, en route for the barrow crossing, is dealing with a trolley of parcels unloaded from the train.
Copyright photo by RM Casserley

Looking south at Coldstream station in September 1958. BR Standard 2MT 2-6-0 No.78047, one of two regulars on this line - the other being No.78049 – is hauling a local train towards Tweedmouth and Berwick-upon-Tweed. New in October 1955 No.78047 was shedded at 64G, Hawick, until 1965 so has presumably worked through from St Boswells. The signals seen here are now upper quadrant with metal arms mounted on a steel post; although installed by BR, the signal arms are to an LNER pattern. The leading two carriages are a Thompson Non Corridor Lavatory Composite and the second a Gresley steel-panelled Five Compartment Brake Third. The third vehicle is a BR Mk1 BG (BG = Full Brake, Gangway, i.e. with corridor connection); it will be carrying parcels and sundries. In the siding behind the platform, left, lurks a platelayers' motor trolley complete with trailer. The bicycle is also of note: proper chain guard, full mudguards, pump, saddlebag, dynamo-driven, lights - very much of its time. There was no engine shed at Coldstream but there was a turntable at the end of the siding
on the left.
Photo by GE Smith

A local passenger train bound for Tweedmouth and Berwick-upon-Tweed pauses at Coldstream station on 28 June 1957. On this platform the NER signal box is prominent, and in the foreground a post has been relieved of its lantern. Far right is a siding and loading bank. The Gresley J39 0-6-0 No.64917 was built in October 1936 by Beyer Peacock and would be withdrawn from 52D, Tweedmouth shed, in December 1962 to be cut up at Darlington Works, North Road in July 1963.
Photo by Les Turnbull

Looking south at Coldstream station on 28 June 1957 with a local train hauled by J39 No.64917 which will call at Norham and Tweedmouth, before reaching its destination of Berwick-upon-Tweed. The water crane stands in the foreground. To the right are a siding and loading bank.
Photo by Les Turnbull

Looking north towards Coldstream station – date unknown, but before withdrawal of passenger services. This is the junction where the lines onward to Kelso and Wooler parted company.

Coldstream station looking north from the down platform c1960. On the up platform the YNB-built stationmaster’s two-storey house and the contiguous single-storey office range can be seen, with the NER signal box and footbridge beyond. Rakes of wagons are in the goods yard.
Looking south from the footbridge at Coldstream station c1960. A permanent way trolley is seen on the down line.
Photo from Railways of Berwick and the Eastern Borders Facebook Group

On 10 July 1960 a passenger train is waiting at the up platform of Coldstream station. This south-facing view is from the footbridge. The stationmaster’s house and office range are shown clearly/
Photo by Brian Johnson

A view from a carriage window of the RCTS (West Riding Branch) ‘Borders Railtour’ near Coldstream on 9 July 1961. Former  North British Railway 4-4-0 No.256 ‘Glen Douglas’ and J37 0-6-0 No.64624 are taking the special as far as Tweedmouth where A1 Pacific No.60143 ‘Sir Walter Scott’ will take over the journey south to Newcastle on the East Coast main line.
Photo by KA Gray courtesy of Bruce McCartney

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1961 - 14 April 1963




[Source: Alan Young]

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