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Folkestone Warren Gallery 2 c1910 - September 1930

Warren Halt ticket office c1910. This replaced an earlier building; see 1903 picture on previous page.

A westbound train waits at Warren Halt c1910. The west portal of Abbotscliffe tunnel
is seen in the distance.

Warren Halt looking east towards Dover c1910.

A westbound goods train is seen approaching Warren Halt c1910. The down platform appears to be constructed entirely of timber while the up platform is more substantial with timber facing and an earth and cinder infill.
Copyright photo from John Alsop collection

Looking west from the footbridge as a Dover train approaches Warren Halt before July 1910. Facilities at the Halt were basic with a wooden bench on each platform.Oil lamps are placed at regular intervals along both platforms.
Copyright photo from John Alsop collection

A westbound express passenger train is seen approaching Warren Halt c1910.

Folkestone Warren Halt in the second decade of the twentieth century. Note the flag
overlooking the tea room.

Passengers wait on both platforms at Warren Halt c1915. Two new timber buildings have appeared; their purpose is not known.
Photo from John Mann collection

On 19 December 1915 the prompt action of soldiers stationed in the signal box managed to slow the 6.10pm Ashford to Dover service at the mouth of the Martello Tunnel and, although the train came to a halt partly on the landslide derailing some of the coaches, nobody was hurt. Warren Halt is
behind the photographer.
Photo from Jim Lake collection

The landslip stretched over the over a mile, the full length of the Warren. This view is looking west towards Warren Halt; the footbridge can be seen in the distance.
Photo from Jim Lake collection

Looking west from the footbridge at Warren Halt towards the Martello Tunnel in 1915, after the train had been removed. The line was not repaired until spring 1919 with the service being
reinstated on 11 August.
Copyright photo from John Alsop collection

Following the repairs to the line, Warren Halt was reopened and in this view from the 1920s it is ‘business as usual’ as a train from Dover stops to pick up passengers.
Copyright photo from John Alsop collection

A west bound express service from Margate lasses thorough Folkestone Warren in September 1930. The loco is 1775, a Wainwright L class 4-4-0 built for the SECR in June 1914. In was later renumbered 31775 by BR, ending its service life at Ashford shed from where it was withdrawn in August 1959 to be cut up at Ashford works later that year.
Copyright photo by HC Casserley

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