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Killingworth Station Gallery 3: c1968 - June 2013

A Class 37 with a fitted freight, northbound through Killingworth station c1968. The waiting shed on the former up platform is seen on the left.
Photo by Chris Morgan

Killingworth station building and the remains of the down platform looking south-east from the footbridge on New Year’s Day 1973. The building is derelict. The original pale sandstone can be seen in the recess between the wings which was formerly sheltered by the verandah. The door retains its ‘oriental blue’ paint which BR(NE) applied to wood and ironwork on its stations in the 1950s: an interesting choice to complement, or clash with, the tangerine livery of the region’s signage.
Photo by Alan Young

The remains of the up platform and the derelict waiting shed at Killingworth station are seen in this south-eastward view from the footbridge on 1 January 1973. The former lime loading area can be seen far left, behind the waiting shed.
Photo by Alan Young

Car traffic to Bathgate is now history; for many years the return empties to Washwood Heath, 4M77, was a regular sight on the East Coast main line in the early evening, and here 47 200 is passing the site of Killingworth station on this working on 13 May 1992.
Photo by Richard Allen from his Flickr photostream

Killingworth station has disappeared almost without trace on 15 February 1992, when 91 022 propels 82 224 on the 09.00 Glasgow Central to London Kings Cross train.
Photo by Richard Allen from his Flickr photostream

Looking north-west at Killingworth level crossing in April 2005. Only the base of the formerly lofty signal box remains, operating as a relay room. A BR ‘Corporate Identity’ sign still identifies the location.
Photo by Steven Hedley from his Flickr photostream

Looking south-east from Killingworth level crossing at the site of Killingworth station in June 2013. Killingworth station has disappeared almost without trace.
Photo by David Paterson

Recent aerial view showing the site of Killingworth station. The large building in the foreground is Nellie Gormley House, a sheltered housing development on the site of the main station building and the north end of the race platforms. On the east side of the line the blue self storage units are on the site of the goods yard. The base of the signal box can be seen on the north side of the level crossing.

April 2005

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[Source: Alan Young]

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