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[Source: Paul Wright]
The Liverpool Waterloo Goods station seen from the air in 1865. The drawing was made from a balloon that was tethered above the River Mersey by the artists Jackson and Sulman. The proximity of the docks to the station is clearly illustrated. To the left of the station is Stuart Street. Along with the block of buildings to its left, the street was later taken over by the LNWR to allow for a northwards extension of the station. The arches that carried Great Howard Street over the line can be seen at the rear of the station and beyond them is the ‘Grand Arch’ of the LYR.

A vA view of Waterloo Goods station from the air in 1937. It makes for an interesting comparison with the 1865 view above. The north side extension which obliterated Stuart Street is seen to the left of the two-storey office building. The sheds had also been extended eastwards right up to Great Howard Street. There had also been an extension to the frontage on the south side.
Reproduced with the kind permission of Simmons Aerofilms Ltd

Looking north-east from within Waterloo Goods station in 1967 as a Liverpool Riverside to London Euston train is passing through. The station was badly damaged during the Second World War and was rebuilt in a much less enclosed fashion.
Photo by Chris Coulter from his Edgehill Signalman Flickr photostream

In 1967 a troop train is seen exiting from Waterloo Goods station and passing over Waterloo Road into the Liverpool dock estate. A policeman is seen controlling the traffic. This was the usual practice at this location when a passenger train was crossing the road.
Photo by Chris Coulter from his Edgehill Signalman Flickr photostream

The Lancastrian rail tour is seen entering Waterloo Goods station on 6 April 1968. One of the loading platforms that had been built after the Second World War is seen to the left. The small cranes seen beyond the locomotive were engaged in the construction of the
Kingsway Mersey Tunnel ventilation shaft.

A view looking east from inside the Waterloo Goods station on 6 April 1968. Just about to pass under Great Howard Street is the Lancastrian rail tour with an ex-LMS 4-6-0 5MT 'Black 5' locomotive at its head. Beyond Great Howard Street the John Hawkshaw 'Grand Arch' can be seen.

The unauthorised visit to Waterloo Goods by the xxx locomotive group in July 1971 is seen in this view looking east from within the station. The locomotive has just passed under the Great Howard Street bridge. In the distance can be seen the John Hawkshaw-designed iron arch bridge that carried the low level lines of the LYR Great Howard Street Goods station over the Waterloo branch.
Photo by Keith Rose

Looking west through the 'Grand Arch' in 1976. The loading platform seen to the right is also seen in the 1849 drawing above. The bridge seen beyond the arch was part of the northern extension to the goods station which had been completed by 1890.
Photo by John Blinkhorn

A surviving section of the Waterloo Goods station outer wall at Great Howard Street seen looking north-west on 30 April 2015. The section of wall was part of a building that stood adjacent to the Great Howard Street bridge on its north side.
Photo by Les Fifoot

The north wall of the northern extension of the Waterloo Goods station seen looking west along Oil Street on 30 March 2015.
Photo by Paul Wright

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[Source: Paul Wright]

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