[Source: Terry Callaghan]
Looking north during March 1962 from Halesowen Junction with the station buildings visible on the Bristol Road overbridge. Longbridge East signal box can be seen on the southern side of the Bristol Road opened on 12 November 1916 as Longbridge, having the suffix East added on 15 April 1917. The box was reduced to a non- block post on 7 June 1969 following the closure of the branch. The box is a MR type 4a design which had a replacement 36 lever Tapet frame. The box became preoperty of the Rover Group and passed into the ownership of BMW. The box was never officially closed but the lever frame was moved to the Chasewater Railway in 2007, following Rover's demise with the derelict box being demolished during 2011
Photo by D J Norton
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A second view of the Last Train on the Harbourne Branch and Farewell to the Halesowen Branch railtour of 2 November 1963, this time from the single faced platform., The Ivatt 2MT class loco awaits the enthusiasts who are taking the opportunity to explore the station.
Photo by Richard Postill from his Flickr photostream

Looking from the A38 overbridge at the austere neo Georgian style building
shortly before demolition in 2012.
Photo by Michael Westley reproduced under Creative Commons Licence from Geograph

The remians of the booking office from what would have been the entrance on 28 August 2014 the branch curving off towards Rubery can be seen in the distance.
Photo by Terry Callaghan

A small section of wall from the left hand side of the building still exists probably
to hold up the palisade fencing seen here on 28 August 2014.
Photo by Terry Callaghan

A short section of the single faced platform is still extant virtually beneath the Bristol road overbridge. Initially intended to be an access walkway from the station to the works on
the southern side of the A38.
Photo by Terry Callaghan

Now looking south from the A38 Bristol Road along what was the course of the branch towards Halesowen Junction. No trace of the once busy internal railway or the car plant remain.
Photo by Terry Callaghan
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[Source: Terry Callaghan]

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