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[Source: Alan Young]

Norham Station Gallery 3: c1962 - August 2001

Looking west from the goods yard of Norham station. The freight train is on the up line and it is headed by an LMS-designed Ivatt Class 2MT 2-6-0; unfortunately the number is indistinct. If the loco is one of the small batch sent to Tweedmouth shed in 1962 this will be the earliest year in which the photo could have been taken.
Photo from Railways of Berwick and the Eastern Borders Facebook Group

The running-in nameboard on the up platform at Norham, seen in spring 1964, has been inexpertly renovated in an unidentified typeface; however, it is legible and just about ‘fit for purpose’.
Photo by Glen Kilday

Looking east at the disused Norham station on 2 January 1976. After closure, in 1970 Peter Short, the final stationmaster, bought the station site from British Rail; he carefully restored it and created a private museum. The timber building on the down platform (on which the photographer is standing) was the passenger warehouse; its cant towards the left will be noted.
Photo by Alan Young

The down platform at Norham station looking east in January 1976. The four buildings (left to right) are the upper floor of the stationmaster’s house; the stationmaster’s / booking office and booking hall (‘general room’); the porters’ rooms; and the passenger warehouse. The last-named building, constructed of timber, has developed a cant towards the platform. The post and lantern cradle, right, were typical features of NER stations.
Photo by Alan Young

The down platform of Norham station in June 1978, looking east. The buildings are now attractively presented as former stationmaster Short gradually restores the station. The milk churns (right) and hand barrow would have been familiar features in earlier years.
Photo from KDH Archive

The interior of the box at Norham with a dummy signalman at the lever frame, circa late 1970s. The station was gradually being transformed into a ‘railwayana’ museum/
Photo by Bruce McCartney

In 1988 Norham station’s restoration is well advanced. The down platform, on which the photographer is standing, is quite smartly presented but some work remains to be done on the up platform. The white lining of the platforms has been applied in good railway tradition. The trackbed has been transformed into a lawn complete with picnic table. The conifers at the far end of the station would provide a dense screen within a few years, as seen on the photos of 2001.
Photo by Roy Lambeth

Looking east in the former goods yard of Norham station in 1988. In the foreground is the former two-road lime depot, now with a heap of coal. For some time after the station closed, former stationmaster Short continued to operate a coal business on the premises. Beyond the lime depot is the single-road goods shed with the goods loading bank far right.
Photo by Roy Lambeth

The former goods shed and loading bank at Norham station, looking south-east in 1988.
Photo by Roy Lambeth

Norham station looking east in 1994. The timber passenger warehouse, looking somewhat decrepit on earlier pictures, has been rebuilt.
Photo by John Law

The down platform of Norham station in August 2001.
Photo by Alan Young

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[Source: Alan Young]

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