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Scremerston Station Gallery 2: 1973 - July 2015

Scremerston station looking north in 1973 from the old lime depot loading bank. The NER signal box is on the left. The station building, designed by Benjamin Green for the Newcastle & Berwick Railway, is ahead. The N&B stations were notable for the consistency of their character, all of sandstone ashlar and Gothic in concept, but Scremerston was one of the most individual - a charming cottage rather than a dignified house. The roof has a shallow pitch with almost ‘Alpine’ overhanging gables. The platforms beyond the level crossing have been demolished. The brick structure in the foreground would outlive the signal box, still operating as a relay room in 2015.
Photo by J C Dean

The site of Scremerston station, looking north over the level crossing in September 1977.By this date the platforms have long been demolished, but the station house on the right remains
in residential use.
Photo by John Mann

The signal box at Scremerston station, looking south-east in September 1977.
Photo by John Mann

The southern (roadside) elevation of Scremerston station building in June 1978. The smooth sandstone construction with prominent quoins, the deep overhangs on the gables and the tall chimneystacks contribute to the character of this building
Photo from NERA collection

Scremerston station building, looking north-east in September 1977. This angle shows the platform and road elevations of the attractive and individual Newcastle & Berwick Railway building very clearly.
Photo by Keith Holt from the KDH Archive

Scremerston station seen from a northbound train in July 1986. The barriers were installed at the crossing in 1980 replacing the traditional gates. The station building stands behind the site
of the up platform.
Photo by Alan Young

Class 47 No.47401 heads a northbound passenger train through the site of Scremerston station circa late 1980s. The station house, still in residential use, is seen to the left, but both platforms have long been demolished. Posts to carry the catenary system are in place as engineering work is under way to electrify the route, for completion in 1991.
Photo by Andrew Wylde from Railways of Berwick and the Eastern Borders private Facebook group

The station house at Scremerston looking east from the level crossing in August 2001. Trees are beginning to obscure the building, and a chimneystack is undergoing remedial work.
Photo by Alan Young

The platform elevation of Scremerston station building, looking north-east in July 2015. Nothing remains of the two passenger platforms.
Photo by Terry Callaghan

Looking south-east from the level crossing at Scremerston in July 2015. This is the loading bank of the former lime / goods depot.
Photo by Terry Callaghan




[Source: Alan Young]

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