[Source: Nick Catford]

Date opened: 7.11.1846
Location: North side of West Hill Road
Company on opening: Brighton Lewes and Hastings Railway
Date closed to passengers: 10.7.1967
Date closed completely: 10.7.1967
Company on closing: British Railways (Southern Region)
Present state: An MFI store and a row of houses now stand were the coal yard and goods shed and the main station building once stood. The west bound platform has been largely demolished although some brickwork remains. The eastbound platform is intact and it still retains a line of original lamp posts.
County: Sussex
OS Grid Ref: TQ787089
Date of visit: Autumn 1968, November 1982 and 19.10.2007

Notes: The Brighton Lewes and Hastings Railway was the first to reach Hastings when their line was approved in 1839. It was to run along the coast from the west as far as St. Leonards and eventually opened on 24th June 1846 to a temporary terminus named St. Leonards Bulverhythe. It was extended a short distance to the east on 7th November 1846 to its permanent terminus called Hastings & St. Leonards. The line was an extension from the London Brighton and South Coast Railways (LBSCR) line from Lewes and was purchased by the LBSCR in 1847.

A second line was completed in the area in 1851 by competing railway company the South Eastern Railway (SER); this reached as far as Hastings from Ashford in the east.

Shortly after, the SER were responsible for the construction of two tunnels from Hastings to link up with the existing LBSCR line at St. Leonards and its own line through Battle to London. At this time the original station was renamed St. Leonards on 13th February 1851. Services started in February 1851 but the two rival companies fell out, resulting in an
unsatisfactory service between Hastings and St. Leonards which wasn't resolved until the end of the year when a court order ended the feud. Soon after the sharing of receipts at Hastings Station was agreed. St. Leonards station was further renamed St. Leonards West Marina on 5th December 1870.
Freight facilities were provided at the station with a coal yard, sidings and goods shed. A motive power depot was also built on the north side of the station. In 1938 the line was electrified.

Freight services were withdrawn on 26th November 1962 and as part of the Beeching cuts West Marina
lost its passenger service on 10th July 1967. The MPD remained open into the 1970's but had been demolished by 1976; a small train washing facility now stands near the site.

Tickets from: Nick Catford (platform ticket) and Brian Halford

St. Leonard's West Marina Station in September 1931
Copyright photo from John Alsop collection

St. Leonard's West Marina Station in autumn 1968, a year after closure
Photo by Nick Catford

St. Leonard's West Marina Station looking west in May 1977
hoto by Nigel Mundy

St. Leonard's West Marina Station looking east in November 1982. The main station building was to the right of the fence. Note the sign on the platform that says 'do not alight here'.
hoto by Nick Catford

St. Leonard's West Marina Station looking west in October 2007 - taken from a similar viewpoint to the 1931 picture above.
hoto by Chris Fletcher

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[Source: Nick Catford]

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