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The island platform station building at Sutton Park in the 1930s.
Photo by E S Russell

Looking south-east along the down platform of Sutton Park station in the early 1960's.
An ex-LMS 8F 2-8-0 locomotive number 48136 is seen heading towards Walsall.
Photo by Richard Marriott

Sutton Park station looking north-west after closure in 1965.
Photo by John Alsop

The 2 March 1968 saw the Birmingham University Transport Society railtour, reporting code 1L00, call at Sutton Park station for a brief photograph stop between 09.38 and 09.46 en route to Walsall. The up platform has some freshly laid trunking along it and it is quite surprising that passengers were allowed to disembark and wander around at will.
Photographer unknown
Railtour information from Six Bells Junction

The Sutton Park signal box, located at the north end of the down platform, a typical 1900 pattern Midland Railway design seen here shotrly before closure in 1969.
Photo by M A King

Looking north from the southern end of the down platform in 1969, even though the station has been closed for four years it appears to still be in good order.
Photo by M A King

Again looking north in 1969 and of note it the footbridge extending over the loop line on the island platform (right) this gave access to a footpath and was the subject of protests, from local residents, when B.R. proposed to remove the bridge ensuring the residents had a circuitous route to take rather than the more direct route over the station.
Photo by M A King

The up platfrom building seen from the down platform in 1969. It is rumoured that a signalling school was in operation in the island platform buildings at this time. In 2012 items came up for auction purporting to be from the Sutton Park signalling school.
Photo by M A King

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