[Source: Terry Callaghan]

1931 sees this contingent of day trippers posing on the Wolverhampton bound platform awaiting their excursion train to Rhyl.

A Collett 57xx Class 0-6-0PT No.9710 has the attention of a group of spotters as it passes over the Swan Lane level crossing with a mineral train in around 1958. The loco was an un-common visitor to the area and is fitted with condensing gear which can be seen leaving the smoke box and running to the water tanks.
Photo from the Steve Jones collection reproduced under Creative Commons Licence from Flickr

Collett Castle Class 4-6-0 No.5022 Wigmore Castle heads south with a rake of 10 coaches in the late 1950s. The loco was allocated to Stafford Road works, Wolverhampton, and would be withdrawn from there on 17 June 1963 being scrapped, locally, at Cashmores of Great Bridge in June 1964 .
Photo from the Steve Jones collection reproduced under Creative Commons Licence from Flickr

The re-building of the station, not only, comprised of a range of new staff accomodation and waiting shelters but platform surface improvements too. Both main line platforms were resurfaced along with the Birmingham direction branch platform. The branch platforms (left) would see only another 4 years of use with the main line platforms only being open for another decade, or so.
Photo by John Mann

An immaculate Castle Class locomotive heads south with the Royal Train in 1962, the would-be photographers have all piled off the end of the platform in the hope of their shots not being obscured by the Derby Surburban unit standing in the Wolverhampton platform.
Photo by Laurence Brownhill

In August 1965 a BR Standard 9F Class 2-10-0 approaches the junction with the main line with a rake of empty mineral wagons presumably from the gas works.
Photo from the John Mann collection

A diminutive Panner Tank runs off the branch line towards the main line in August 1965 with a single brake van in tow. A passenger soaks up some of the summer sunshine on the bench outside the main station building.
Photographer unknown

A Stanier 8F Class blasts through the station with a lengthy rake of 16 ton mineral wagons during September 1965.
Photo from the John Mann collection

Looking in the Birmingham direction in the late 1960s with the entrance from Bilhay Lane evident. Originally the steps led straight to the Wolverhampton platform but when the station was re-built a section of fencing was erected to guide passengers towards the station booking office.
Photo from the John Mann collection

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[Source: Terry Callaghan]

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