By clicking on the OS Grid reference for each station entry you will see a current map showing the station site. This might be in the form of a street map or a general area map. The arrow indicates the exact position of the station. If you see a general area map by clicking on the third 'house' symbol form the left (indicated yellow here) you will see a 1:50,000 OS map, by clicking on the Plus (+) symbol you will see a local street map.



Few of these sites are open to the public. Please do not pester site owners to gain access. This causes irritation to many of them and makes our task more difficult, instead, please join one of the specialist societies that can organise visits properly.

If you own, live in or are concerned with a site listed here and wish to contribute or modify your site listing please feel free to contact us. Note: Site owners wishes and concerns are always welcome.

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