Station Name: WHITE BEAR


[Source: Cliff Reeves & Paul Wright]

Date opened: 1.12.1869
Location: North side of Station Road,
Company on opening: Lancashire and Yorkshire and Lancashire Union Railway Joint Railway
Date closed to passengers: 4.1.1960
Date closed completely: 4.1.1960
Company on closing: British Railways (London Midland Region)
Present state: The booking office and shelter on the Chorley platform has survived the demolition of the station and is now used by Paramount Drylining Ltd. The rest of the station and goods yard has been obliterated!
County: Lancashire
OS Grid Ref: SD600130
Date of visit: 28.5.2006 & 2.6.2007

Notes: White Bear station opened on the 1st December 1869 one month after the line that it was situated on, the Lancashire & Yorkshire and Lancashire Union Joint Railway from Boars Head Junction to Rawlinson Bridge opened for goods traffic. Passenger Stations also opened on the same date at Boars Head Junction and at Red Rock. 

The joint line was constructed because the Wigan coal owners wanted better transportation links to the mills and factories of North East Lancashire. The Coal owners also wanted a line that would allow trains to go south and gain direct access to Garston Dock where shipping charges were far less than Liverpool dock.

On the 1st October 1883 the line passed into the joint ownership of the London & North Western Railway and the Lancashire & Yorkshire Railway. On the 1st January 1922 it passed into the sole ownership of the London & North western Railway for a short period before that company became part of the London Midland Scottish Railway at the time of the 1923 Grouping. 

White Bear Station closed whilst under British Railways ownership on the 4th January 1960. The station had already lost its goods service on 5th August 1957 although a private siding at the station reopened for a short period in1960. The station was demolished and most of the site was taken over by building contractors. After the end of passenger services the line was singled in the mid 1960s and goods services and diversions operated up until 5th October 1971 after which the line officially closed. A 1974 Ordinance Survey map of the area shows the line still in situ.

Today, only the former booking office remains and is used by Paramount Drylining Ltd.

Sources: Townley, Smith & Peden, 'The Industrial Railways Of The Wigan Coalfield' (Runpast Publications), Bob Pixton, 'Main Line Railways Around Wigan', (Runpast Publications)

See also Red Rock & Boars Head

White Bear Station looking north in the 1950's
Photo received from Cliff Reeves

Looking south along the platform at White Bear Station in June 2007
Photo by Cliff Reeves

The original steps down to White Bear Station still survive in June 2007
hoto by Cliff Reeves




[Source: Cliff Reeves & Paul Wright]

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