Station Name: WOODHEAD

[Source: Nick Catford]
Date opened: 8.4.1844
Location: South of the A628 close to the west portal of Woodhead Tunnel
Company on opening: Manchester Sheffield & Lincolnshire Railway
Date closed to passengers: 27.7.1964
Date closed completely: 27.7.1964
Company on closing: British Railways (London Midland Region)
Present state: Both platforms are still extant
County: Cheshire
OS Grid Ref: SK113998
Date of visit: August 1983 & 6.5.2005

Notes: Woodhead Station was adjacent to the western portal of Woodhead Tunnel. The tunnel was initially a single bore with a second bore being opened in 1852.

When electrification of the line was planned the twin-bore Woodhead tunnels were to narrow and low to allow for the overhead electric cables. Rather than enlarge these tunnels, it was decided to create a new tunnel, immediately to the south of the old ones; this was opened in 1953.

The new tunnel also involved the realignment of the line through Woodhead station and the station was resited a few yards to the south with a pair of staggered platforms. After withdrawal of the passenger service in 1970 the line remained in use until 17.7.1981, with the track between Deepcar and Hadfield remaining in place until 1986. Parts of the trackbed were then
blocked by road construction preventing any future reopening. The 12 mile Longendale Cycle Trail now runs from Hadfield to the west portal of the Woodhead tunnel passing through the station site.

Ticket from Michael Stewart

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The original Woodhead Station in the early 20th century

The original Woodhead station and tunnels c. 1902.

An unidentified Thompson B1 is seen at Woodhead in June 1954. These locos were common on the Woodhead route and the ex-GCR in general with most seen on the Woodhead route being based at Darnall, Gorton and Mexborough. The picture is curious as on the new tunnel portal the plaque commemorating the new tunnel is in place and on the right is what appears to be the steps and little platform from which some dignitary made a speech. The rails of the nearest track emerging from the new tunnel appear to be rusty and thus not yet in use while the B1 is running wrong line. The track through the second bore of the old tunnel appears to have been lifted, thus the implication is the new tunnel in use only in one direction. Lights are on in the new tunnel, suggesting work is ongoing - signalling perhaps.
Photo from Mike Morant collection

Woodhead Station and the old and new Woonhead tunnels in February 1964. The end of the platform of the original Woodhead Station can be seen on the far left.
Photo by: John Clarke

Woodhead station seen from the western portal of the tunnel in June 1982. All the infrastructure of the railway was still in situ almost a year after closure of the line.
Photo by: John Green

The staggered platforms of Woodhead Station in August 1983
hoto by Nick Catford

Woodhead Station looking west in April 1986 during track lifting
hoto by Michael Kaye

Class 37 37024 emerges from Woodhead tunnel for the last time on Sunday 4 May 1986 after track recovery had reached the tunnel entrance.
hoto by Norman Daley

Woodhead tunnel and station in 1985 during track lifting.
hoto received from Gary Dixon

Looking east towards Woodhead tunnel and station in 1985 during track lifting.
hoto received from Gary Dixon

Woodhead Station in 1990.
Photo by: Katherine Bone

The Longendale Cycle Trail ends at the west portal of Woodhead Tunnel
Photo from Cycle-n-Sleep web site

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