Appleton station seen as an aerial view in 1971.

A view looking south along the down platform at Appleton station in the late 1970s.
hoto by Graham Earle

A view looking south towards Appleton station in the early months of 1981. The station can be seen beyond the Halton View Bridge. Although the bridge was built for four tracks it only ever had two.
hoto by Paul Wright

Looking south from the down platform at Appleton station in 1990.
Photo by Les Fifoot

The site of Appleton Station in 1993 during the construction of the Widnes Eastern Bypass road which became Watkinson Way. All trace of the station had been swept away but the Halton View Bridge was still standing. Within a year it to would be gone replaced by a concrete structure.
Photo by John Wilson

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[Source: Paul Wright]

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