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Morecambe Euston Road Station Gallery 3
June 1966 - 2011

Morecambe Euston Road station in June 1966, after the track had been lifted. The goods yard, out of view to the left, was still open at the time and remained open until 9 October 1972.
Copyright photo by John Alsop

Looking east along the former MR route to Lancaster Green Ayre on 21 July 1967. To the left can be seen the goods facilities at Morecambe Euston Road. The junction between the MR and LNWR lines is to the right of the goods shed. A goods train is seen going onto the LNWR line whilst another is coming off it en route to Morecambe Promenade station. In the distance Euston Road signal box is visible and, to its left, one of the platforms of Euston Road station. The MR line was an electrified railway between 1908 and 1966, but by the time of this photograph the overhead wires had been removed. The two lines curving to the right form the route to Heysham.
Photo by Keith Holt from the KDH Flickr photostream

Looking south-east from platform 2 in July 1971. Five years after the track was lifted nature has started taking over the trackbed and the platform edges, but nothing else has changed. The goods yard, which is out of view to the right, was still open at this time.
Photo by John Mann

Morecambe Euston Road forecourt in June 1982; the station entrance was to the left. Two Anchor retirement/sheltered housing homes have been built on the station site. Tanbrook Court was built in 1979 and Rydal Court  in 1980.
Photo by John Mann

Although re-roofed the goods shed is still recognizable in August 2009. It has found a new use in builders’ merchants Travis Perkins’ retail facility which now occupies the site of the goods yard and the southern island platform (3 and 4). A 5-ton capacity crane stood at the end of the building.
Photo by Mark Bartlett

Looking south-east across the goods yard from Euston Grove in September 2011. Two sidings and cattle pens were located between the large building and the railway line. The goods shed is out of view behind the building.
Photo by Ron Herbert

Looking into the station forecourt in September 2011. A retirement home, Rydal Court, and the Cartmel Day Centre now occupy the site of the station building.
Photo by Ron Herbert

Oblique aerial view showing the site of Morecambe Euston Road station and goods yard. Euston Road runs across the top of the picture with retirement homes (Tanbrook Court and Rydal Court) and the Cartmel Day Centre to the south of Euston Road now occupying the main station building and platforms 1 - 3. The station forecourt was in the centre of this area where the cars are parked. The Travis Perkins site is to the south. Platforms 4 and 5 were on the south side of their boundary fence. The goods shed is seen in the centre of the site. Cattle pens were sited between the goods shed and the existing line into Morecambe. The junction between the former route between the LNWR and the Midland Railway is still in use. The blue building between the two lines is on the site of a turntable.

Vertical aerial view with the station and goods yard overlaid. Click here for a larger version.

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