[Source: Les Fifoot & Paul Wright]

Looking west along platform 1 in the early 1930s.
Photo from Mike Morant collection

Looking east from the footbridge that linked Afon Wen platforms 1 and 2 in July 1941. An LMS service from Bangor had just arrived and is seen standing at platform 2. At the head of the train is LMS locomotive No. 42 which entered service on 2 June 1931. Built to a Fowler design at Derby Works, this class 3, 2-6-2 tank was renumbered 40042 at nationalisation when it was allocated to 3C, Rycroft (Walsall) shed until transfer in June 1951 to 1A, Willseden shed from where it was withdrawn on 22 June 1961 and scrapped in July 1962 at Crewe works.
hoto by H C Casserley

Looking east at Afon Wen station in the mid 1950s. The extensive facilities that were present at Afon Wen are clearly shown. Trains can be seen standing at both platforms 2 and 3.
Copyright photo from the Tony Harden collection

Looking west from platform 1 at Afon Wen seven months after closure, in July 1965.
Copyright photo from the Steve Davies collection

Looking west at Afon Wen station in the early 1970s. Platform 3 had lost its rails by this time.
Copyright photo from the Tony Harden collection

Afon Wen station looking west from the eastern end of platform 1 on 24 April 1977. Only a single track passed through this once busy junction station.
Copyright photo from the Les Fifoot collection

The site of Afon Wen station seen looking west from the east end of platform 2 on 25 May 2012. The eastern end of platform 2 was the most prominent surviving section of the station in 2012.
Photo by Paul Wright

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[Source: Les Fifoot & Paul Wright]

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