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Nottingham London Road High Level
Station Gallery 3: 1979 - July 2014

The High Level station building seen from the roof of the Low Level station building in December 1980.
Photo from Brubaker Imaging

Looking east at the west end of the High Level platform in June 1980. By this time the bridge over London Road had been demolished and a wall built across the trackbed.
Photo by Nick Catford

In June 1980 the Nottingham Antique Centre occupied the High Level station building.
Photo by Nick Catford

By 1987 the High Level station had been refurbished with a new tenant, the Grand Central Diner, now occupying the station building. There is a new entrance at the west end of the building and a small extension at the east end. A Peckett 0-4-0ST tank engine reminds diners of the building's history.
Photo by Reg Baker

Nottingham London Road High Level station looking west towards Weekday Cross Junction in August 1989; the island platform is seen on the left.
By June 1991 The Peckett had been given a 'Thomas' face. The banner on the viaduct promotes the diner; 'Family out special - Thomas the Tank - see here, Three course meal £4.95 - children £1.95'. Soon the diner, but not the Peckett, would be gone when Sam Fay's Bar took over the building. The Peckett is now privately owned by two people who hire it out as 'Ivor the Engine' for themed events.
Photo by Kevin Laine from his Flickr photostream

Nottingham London Road High Level station platform looking east in early Autumn 1992.
Photo by Dave Root, reproduced from Wikipedia under creative commons licence

Looking east at the site of the bridge over the Nottingham Canal which supported the High Level station platform in July 2014 The Low Level station building is seen on the right.
Photo by Nick Catford

Looking east at the site of the High Level station platform in July 2014. The platform would have been on a higher level on the viaduct. The Great Northern corn warehouse is seen on the right
Photo by Nick Catford




[Source: Nick Catford]

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