Station Name: JETTY HALT

[Source: Nick Catford]

Date opened: 1950s
Location: South side if an internal port road west of Mulberry Jetty
Company on opening: Marchwood Military Railway
Date closed to passengers: October 2013
Date closed completely: October 2013
Company on closing: Marchwood Military Railway
Present state: Extant
County: Hampshire
OS Grid Ref: SU40471063
Date of visit: Not visited

Notes: Jetty Halt was located west of the the Marchwood Deep Water Jetty, now known as Mulberry Jetty. Like other halts on the railway it comprised a short single platform with an access ramp at the east end of the platform. The halt was originally located on the nortrh side of the track but was later moved to the south side, reverting to the north side again after 1977.

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Ruston Army No.432 waits at Jetty Halt with the evening passenger train in November 1975. This photograph turned up after the text of this article was prepared and we now know one of the ex-BR Mk1 corridor coaches was given the number ARMY 5313. Presumably the other vehicle was either 5312 or 5314 but this little mystery will remain unsolved for now. Another unanswered question is how passenger stock was braked when hauled by the Rustons as these locomotives do not appear to have been fitted with equipment for train braking (the locomotives themselves were air braked.
Photo by Andy Crespin

1965 1:2,500 OS map with the site of Jetty indicated. Apart from Model Room none of the other halts on the Marchwood Military Railway were shown on OS maps. The Marchwood Deep Water Jetty is now known as Mulberry Jetty.

Complete with Express Passenger marker lamps here is, yet again, Army No.92, this time at Jetty Halt with the Mk1 corridor stock during an open day on 23 July 1977. The brake-end coach was Army 5313. On the footplate is Andy Crespin while the lady in the white dress, overseeing operations, is Mrs Crespin. This is the second location of Jetty Halt, ie on the south side of the track. It was originally on the north side, to whence it later returned. Why the game of 'musical halts' is not known.
Photo from RCTS collection

The view from the footplate of Army No.92 at Jetty Halt during an open day on 23 July 1977. The military vessel just visible behind No.92 is berthed at Mulberry Jetty; Falklands Jetty was of course still some years away. Directly ahead of the camera one of the loading ramps which compensate for variations in tide can be seen. The black-hulled vessel at anchor is RFA Empire Gull, pennant number L3513; she was a WWII Canadian-built LST (Landing Ship, Tank) and originally pennant number L3523. Laid down on 20 December 1944, she was launched on 9 July 1945 one month after the war in Europe had ended (VE Day) and completed in October 1945 two months after the Pacific theatre of war, and thus WWII, came to an end (VJ Day). The Royal Fleet Auxiliary Historical Society have provided a timeline history which can be seen by clicking the link. Further details, also from the RFAHS can be seen here. Her engines are of interest, on record as being built by the Canadian Pacific Railway. She had two triple expansion reciprocating steam engines; a 'triple expansion' engine, common in marine applications during the steam era, is a type of compound engine with three cylinders of differing sizes and in that respect differs to a compound steam locomotive which has two high pressure cylinders of equal size and at least one larger low pressure cylinder. The subject of L3513's engines has little relevance to the Marchwood Military Railway so only minimal research has been undertaken, but it would seem the engines were constructed at Canadian Pacific's Weston Shops, Winnipeg, rather than at the well known Angus Shops, Montreal. Canadian Pacific Railway, today trading as CP Rail, has produced a PDF document outlining its activities during various wars. See Canadian Pacific Railway and War.
Photo by Andy Crespin

Jetty Halt, looking north-east towards Mulberry Jetty from the cab of an approaching train, the platform is now back on the north side of the track.

Aerial view of Jetty Halt in October 2015.




[Source: Nick Catford]

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