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Date opened: 1950s
Location: Behind military accommodation in Africa Drive
Company on opening: Marchwood Military Railway
Date closed to passengers: October 2013
Date closed completely: October 2013
Company on closing: Marchwood Military Railway
Present state: Extant
County: Hampshire
OS Grid Ref: SU38880994
Date of visit: 1.11.2016

Notes: Mulberry Halt served the Mulberry military accommodation in Africa Drive. Like other halts (except Model Room) on the railway it comprised a short single timber platform with an access steps at the back of the platform. Access to the halt was along a path from Africa Drive; its route is seen on the map below. Mulberry Halt had a nameboard at the back of the platform but this was removed when the halt was rebuilt and lowered c1980s/90s.

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See also feature: Marchwood Military Railway

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Army No.92 Waggoner waits at a rickety-looking Mulberry Halt with the lunchtime train back to the Jetty in February 1976 with, perhaps, one soldierly-looking passenger on the platform. The location of the halt was at the point were the track from Marchwood Junction begins to fan out into the reception/exchange sidings and this is where what is now Network Rail's tracks end and MoD tracks begin. A nameboard is seen at the back of the platform.
Photo by Andy Crespin

1965 1:2,500 OS map with the site of Mulberry Halt indicated. None of the halts on the Marchwood Military Railway, apart from Model Room, are marked on any OS maps. Note the access footpath running north from the halt towards the Brittany quarters. The gates to the military compound are immediately south-west of the halt.

Army No.92 Waggoner waiting at Mulberry Halt with the lunchtime passenger service to Jetty Halt in February 1976. Mulberry Halt was named after Mulberry Centre, Mulberry Road, part of McMullen Barracks married quarters. Part of the accommodation for service personnel can be seen on the right; these appear to be flats so are probably for singles. The MMR liveried coaching stock comprises the pair of ex-BR locomotive-hauled Mk1 suburban vehicles. These are described elsewhere.
Photo by Andy Crespin

Army No.92 WAGGONER and the ex-BR Mk1 corridor stock with the lunchtime passenger service at Mulberry Halt in November 1976. The contrast between dark blue coaches and the green loco is evident; the coaches, the locomotive and the trees in the background wearing their autumn coats. The siding on the left, alongside the trees, joins the track upon which the train stands and the points can be seen beneath the coach. This tells us the train is waiting with the locomotive and brake end of the first coach out of the short platform. The track at this point is BR flat bottom rail fastened to wooden sleepers with what appears to be a mix of what are known as 'elastic spikes' and Pandrol clips, the location being the boundary between the military railway and what as of 2016 is Network Rail.
Photo by Andy Crespin

Mulberry Halt seen from the cab of an approaching train. Note the walkway and platform seen seen in the picture above has been rebuilt. The platform appears to have been lowered.

The Branch Line Society 'Hampshire & Sussex Explorer Railtour' waits at Mulberry Halt after returning from Crackmore Hard Jetty on 19 March 1993. The tour ran from Euston to Victoria and visited both the Marchwood Military Railway and Fawley where it ran as far as the ground frame just outside the oil refinery. From Marchwood Exchange Sidings two MOD Vanguard diesel shunters AD255 'Mulberry' and AD268 hauled the tour to the deep water jetty using the southern line. From there the tour was steam-hauled along the northern line to the junction with the Crackmore Hard Branch by Class 4MT No. 76017 who came under her own steam from the Mid Hants Railway. The two MOD diesel shunters brought the tour back from the jetty where 76017 took over for the return to Marchwood Exchange sidings. The final leg of the tour saw class 37 37375 take over for the short journey to Marchwood station. 76017 is seen in the sidings to the right.

A Brush Class 47 is seen passing Mulberry Halt in 1998.

A passenger train waits at Mulberry Halt. The access footpath from the halt to Brittany Close
is clearly seen.

Aerial view of Mulberry Halt.

Mulberry Halt seen from the air in October 2015. Although closed for two years nothing has changed.

Access gate for the halt at the rear of military accommodation in Africa Drive in November 2016. This gate is seen in one of the pictures above.
Photo by Nick Catford

The back of the platform at Mulberry Halt and the access path in November 2016. The track is in a shallow cutting at this point.
Photo by Nick Catford




[Source: Nick Catford]

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