Station Name: RHUDDLAN

[Source: Paul Wright]

Date opened: 5.10.1858
Location: South side of Abergele Road, just east of its junction with A547. This is a new road, built since closure of the railway.
Company on opening: Vale of Clwyd Railway
Date closed to passengers: 19.9.1955
Date closed completely: 4.5.1964
Company on closing: British Railways (Midland Region)
Present state: Demolished and buried under rubble. The access steps from the road and some fencing survives and part of the platform might still be extant beneath the dense undergrowth.
County: Flintshire
OS Grid Ref: SJ020778
Date of visit: 3.2.2008
Notes: Rhuddlan Station was opened on the 5th October 1858 as part of the Vale of Clywd Railway which ran from a connection to the Chester and Holyhead Railway, to the west of Rhyl, to Denbigh. Rhuddlan was the second station out of Rhyl. The Vale of Clywd line was a single track route but passing places were provided at intermediate stations. An
An extension of the line from a point just to the south of the Chester to Holyhead Railway, which became known as Foryd Junction, to Foryd Pier was opened in August 1864.

Rhuddlan Station was provided with one platform situated on the east side of the line. There was a passing loop at the station but as no platform was provided for the other line passenger trains could not pass each other at Rhuddlan. The station had a brick built single storey building which provided the usual facilities. A wooden goods store was also provided on
the platform. The station was accessed from the Rhuddlan to Abergele road which crossed the railway by means of an overbridge. The overbridge was located to the south of the station. Steps led from the overbridge directly to the platform for foot passengers and an access road was also provided for vehicular traffic. The station was also provided with goods facilities including sidings which were located to the north.

At the time of opening Rhuddlan Station was served by four trains per day running between Rhyl and Denbigh. Even after the opening of the extension to Foryd Pier in 1864 the pattern of services remained unaltered as, although a station was provided at Foryd Pier regular passenger services never used it.

In 1864 the LNWR assumed control of the Vale of Clwyd Railway and on the 15th July 1867 they absorbed it. In 1869 a line was opened by the Denbigh, Ruthin and Corwen Railway from Denbigh to Corwen. This new line made an end on connection with the Vale of Clwyd Railway. From the opening of the line some services ran from Rhyl to Corwen. However
most passenger trains still ran only between Rhyl and Denbigh.

In 1923 Rhuddlan Station and the Vale of Clywd line became part of the London Midland Scottish Railway (LMS). Over the years passenger services had increased. By 1947 Rhuddlan Station was served by eight trains in each direction running between Rhyl and Denbigh. Onward connections for Corwen were available at Denbigh.

Following nationalization in 1948 Rhuddlan Station became part of the British Railway’s London Midland Region. During the 1950s passenger services on the Vale of Clwyd line had decreased to only a couple of trains in each direction. On the 19th September 1955 regular passenger services were withdrawn altogether. Excursion trains continued to pass through the site

of Rhuddlan station into the 1960s. Another feature of the line was land cruise trains which took holiday makers on tours of scenic North Wales. Goods services continued to operate through Rhuddlan until the 1st March 1965 when the Vale of Clwyd Line was closed completely. It was lifted shortly afterwards. For many years the platform at Rhuddlan Station could still be seen but in more recent times it has been buried under rubble which has regenerated with scrub. Remaining features such as fence posts and steps can still be found in the undergrowth.   

Source: From Rhyl to Corwen by Rail by J.M.Dunn - Railway Magazine: February & March 1957
Tickets from Michael Stewart.

Further reading: Vale of Clwyd Railway: Rhyl to Denbigh Railway by Stephen Goodall.(1992)
ISBN 0 9520 1650 8

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Rhuddlan Station looking south east in August 1954
Copyright photo by HC Casserley

Rhuddlan station shown on a six-inch scale map from 1898.

A view of Rhuddlan station looking north in 1959.
Photo by Mike Nicholls

Rhuddlan Station looking south in the early 1960's. Although the station was closed to passengers it was still open for goods traffic with sidings running behind the station.
hoto by Dave Nicholas

LCGB Conway Valley Railtour at Rhuddlan Station on 24th September 1966.

A view of rhuddlan station looking south in September 1966.
Photo by Alan Robinson

The trackbed and much of the station site has been filled in. However in this view of the site of the platform, looking north, taken in February 2008 fence posts that date from the time
of the station can clearly be seen.
hoto by Paul Wright

February 2008

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[Source: Paul Wright]

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