Station Name: PARTINGTON (2nd site)

[Source: Paul Wright]

Date opened: 29.5.1893
Location: East side of Manchester Road (A6144)
Company on opening: Cheshire Lines Committee
Date closed to passengers: 30.11.1964
Date closed completely: 30.11.1964
Company on closing: British Railways (London Midland Region)
Present state: Platforms still extant
County: Cheshire
OS Grid Ref: SJ724917
Date of visit: 20.2.2006

Notes: Partington Station was the second station so named and was located on the Cheshire Lines Committee (CLC) Glazebrook to Stockport Tiviot Dale Line. The CLC was a joint company that was owned by the Great Northern Railway (GNR), the Manchester Sheffield & Lincolnshire Railway (MSLR) and the Midland Railway (MR). In the 1890s the building of the Manchester Ship Canal necessitated the diversion and raising up of a number of railway lines including the Glazebrook to Stockport Tiviot Dale line. The line had to be built up to a height that would allow sea going vessels to pass underneath and so a deviation was constructed just to the south of the original line which included a large single span girder bridge and a new station for Partington. For a few weeks in 1893 both lines were in use but eventually the original course of the line was split into two by the excavation of the Manchester Ship Canal.

Partington’s second station opened on the 29th of May 1893 and the original station was closed. The station was situated on an embankment. The line was double track the station was provided with two platforms. The main facilities were on the westbound platform and consisted of a brick built building which had a single storey booking hall and waiting rooms co-joined with a two storey station masters house. The building was in the style of other CLC main line intermediate stations that had been built in the early 1870s. Access was via a sloping driveway that led up from the Manchester Road. A subway linked through to the eastbound platform which had a single storey brick built waiting room. Both platforms at Partington were provided with canopies. A CLC type CL1a signal box with 26 levers was located at the southeastern end of the westbound platform.

At the time of opening the station was served by CLC trains running between Stockport Tiviot Dale and Liverpool Central with some workings operating only as far as Warrington Central. The CLC had its own coaches but it did not have locomotives as agreement had been reached that the MSLR would provide them. Express services running between Liverpool Central
and London St Pancras also passed through the station. Many other express services also passed through along with a steady stream of goods services. The December 1895 timetable showed Partington as having only five eastbound departures and three westbound departures on weekdays as shown in the table below. On Sundays there were three eastbound and two westbound trains.

Westbound Departures December 1895 Destination Eastbound Departures December 1895 Destination
8.12am Liverpool Central 10.48am Godley Junction
12.38pm Liverpool Central 11.20am Stockport Tiviot Dale
4.52pm Warrington Central 12.48pm Stockport Tiviot Dale
    5.48pm Stockport Tiviot Dale
    8.46pm Sheffield Victoria

In 1897 the MSLR changed its name to the Great Central Railway (GCR). The July 1922 timetable showed a somewhat improved passenger service at Partington with regards to westbound weekday services there being seven as shown in the table below. The eastbound departures remained at five (also shown below) but there was no Sunday service.

Westbound Departures July 1922 Destination Eastbound Departures July 1922 Destination
7.05am Glazebrook 10.54am Stockport Tiviot Dale
8.14am Liverpool Central 1.00pm Godley Junction
12.20pm Warrington Central 2.37pm Stockport Tiviot Dale
2.05pm Liverpool Central 5.56pm Godley Junction
3.44pm Saturdays Excepted Glazebrook 9.41pm Stockport Tiviot Dale
4.15pm Liverpool Central    
6.21pm Liverpool Central    

At the grouping of 1923 the CLC remained independent but its owning companies became the London & North Eastern Railway (LNER) with two thirds of the shares and the London Midland Scottish Railway (LMS) with one third. The local passenger services at Partington were hauled by LNER locomotives after 1923. The LMS Summer timetable for 1932 showed only four westbound services Monday to Friday and only three on a Saturday. Eastbound there were also four. On Sundays there was one train in each direction.

On the 1st of January 1948 the line became part of the nationalised British Railways (London Midland Region). The 1949 Summer timetable showed Partington as having six eastbound and five westbound services Monday to Friday with retimed and services on Saturdays as shown in the table below. There were no Sunday services.

Westbound Departures Summer 1949 Destination Eastbound Departures Summer 1949 Destination
7.00am Glazebrook 8.51am Stockport Tiviot Dale
8.01am Liverpool Central 10.31am Stockport Tiviot Dale
12.10pm Saturdays Only Liverpool Central 12.28pm Saturdays Only Stockport Tiviot Dale
1.41pm Saturdays Only Liverpool Central 1.04pm Stockport Tiviot Dale
3.47pm Liverpool Central 2.55pm Saturdays Only Stockport Tiviot Dale
5.09pm Saturdays Excepted Wigan Central 3.38pm Saturdays Excepted Stockport Tiviot Dale
5.45pm Saturdays Only Liverpool Central 5.30pm Saturdays Excepted Stockport Tiviot Dale
6.47pm Saturdays Excepted Liverpool Central 6.07pm Stockport Tiviot Dale
    10.06pm Saturdays Only Stockport Tiviot Dale

Although the line remained busy throughout the 1950s the passenger service at Partington remained broadly similar to how it had been in 1949. By the 1950 the station had also lost its canopies.

In 1960 the Station Master with responsibility for Partington was a Mr Dawson but he did not live in the Station House. It was occupied by Mr Patrick Curran a British Railways employee based at Manchester Central who had originally been a railway employee in Ireland. Mr Curran who moved into the house with his young family made improvements to the station garden
and white washed bricks which greatly improved what had by the early 1960s become a run down station.The Curren children became a feature of the station during this period using it and the nearby goods yard as their playground. This was with the blessing of railway staff including Mr Dawson. Shortly after Mr Dawson retired he travelled through Partington Station on his way to Northenden to visit his Grandaughter. Led by Anne Marrie Curran who had become particularly fond of Mr Dawson the Curran Children lined up on the platform and ran alongside the train carrying Mr Dawson as it arrived. Quite a scene was caused with passengers looking out of the train to see what was going on. Mr Dawson was delighted with the reception and even the station porter came over to shake his hand.

The Re-shaping of Britain’s Railways Report of 1963, which became known as the ‘Beeching Report’ recommended that passenger services be withdrawn from Partington. The Summer 1962 timetable showed only four eastbound and five westbound departures Monday to Friday as shown in the table below. A train from Wigan Central terminated at Partington at 7.01am and there was no Sunday service.

Westbound Departures Summer 1962 Destination Eastbound Departures Summer 1962 Destination
7.11am Wigan Central 10.36am Stockport Tiviot Dale
8.00am Liverpool Central 12.59pm Stockport Tiviot Dale
12.05pm Saturdays Only Warrington Central 2.54pm Saturdays Only Stockport Tiviot Dale
1.39pm Saturdays Only Liverpool Central 5.41pm Saturdays Excepted Stockport Tiviot Dale
3.40pm Saturdays Excepted Warrington Central 6.05pm Stockport Tiviot Dale
3.57pm Saturdays Only Warrington Central    
5.09pm Saturdays Excepted Wigan Central    
5.43pm Saturdays Only Liverpool Central    
6.46pm Saturdays Excepted Warrington Central    

The service was withdrawn on 30 November 1964 and Partington station closed completely. After closure the station became the haunt of un-desirable individuals and as a result of this the Curran family moved out of the station house in 1966. Dereliction set in and eventually the station building was demolished.

Some through workings and diversions continued to operate after this date but with the withdrawal of long distance services from Liverpool Central in 1966 these came to an end. On 17 May 1970 Partington Station signal box closed and the section of line through Partington station was singled from a point to the south of the station (where there was a connection to a
chemical plant) through to Glazebrook. The line remained in use for goods services until 29 July 1982 but it is known that on Saturday 5 January 1974 the Midlander Railtour from Liverpool Lime Street to Derby passed through Partington station. On 3 August 1982 the points at Glazebrook East Junction were clipped out of use and formal closure of the line through Partington station came on 4 September 1983. It was lifted shortly after. Chemical trains continued to run from Skelton Junction to the chemical works at Partington until 1994. Laterly a train of oil tanks ran from Partington to Baglan Bay in South Wales. The track between the chemical works and Skelton Junction remained in situ in 2012.

Although the stations buildings were demolished after closure the Liverpool direction platform and sections of the Stockport platform remained extant in 2011. Of particular interest is the glazed brick subway which although partially buried could still be seen.

Route map drawn by Alan Young. Tickets from Michael Stewart.


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The new station at Partington under construction in 1891. The track seen running through the station was a temporary contractors line and would be replaced by two tracks using a more substantial type of rail and sleepers.
Picture received from Simon Wise

The original alignment was still in place in 1961. The original alignment has an underbridge under the B5158 while the deviation had an overbridge to give the line sufficient height to bridge the Manchester Ship Canal.

Partington shown on an 1899 map.

The Partington stationmaster and his family pose for a picture on the Liverpool direction platform at Partington in the early years of the 20th Century.
Picture received from Simon Wise

The Partington station Stockport direction platform as seen looking south-east in August 1952 from a passing train.
Copyright photo by H C Casserley

The Curran Family who lived in Partington Station house from 1960 to 1966 pose on the Liverpool direction platform at Partington station at the time of Anne Marrie Curran's first holy communion. The view shows the line heading off towards the bridge over the Manchester Ship Canal and onwards to Liverpool. Despite the fact that only a few passenger trains called at the station at this time it is well kept. Mr Patrick Curran who was based at Manchester Central Station spent his own time improving the gardens and approaches to Partington station.
Photo by Patrick Curran from Anne Marie Stones (nee Curran)

Patrick Curran and his children who lived in Partington Station house from 1960 to 1966 pose for the camera on the Liverpool direction platform of the station in the early 1960s. The view is looking towards Stockport and at the end of the platform can be seen Partington signalbox.
Photo by Mrs Curran from Anne Marie Stones (nee Curran)

Looking south-east at Partington station in 1973.
Photo by Glenn MacLeod from his Flickr photostream

Looking north-west at Partington station on 2 September 1983. The Stockport direction platform which had been to the right had been demolished. The Liverpool direction platform is clearly seen to the left. The line itself had been singled since May 1970 and had seen no regular traffic since 29 July 1982 and it had been unusable since 3 August 1982.
Photo by John Mann

Remains of the subway on the Liverpool platform at Partington Station in in February 2006
hoto by Paul Wright

The ramp of the Liverpool platform at Partington looking north-west in February 2006
hoto by Paul Wright




[Source: Paul Wright]

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