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Date opened: 1.11.1861
Location: East side of Elizabeth Street
Company on opening: London Chatham & Dover Railway
Date closed to passengers: 10.7.1927
Date closed completely: 10.7.1927
Company on closing: Southern Railway
Present state: The main station buildings are still extant
County: Kent
OS Grid Ref: TR317405
Date of visit: June 1989, May 1992 and March 1995

Notes: The London Chatham & Dover Railway opened its Dover Priory Station on 22.7.1861 and on 1.11.1861 and extension through the 684 yards Dover Harbour Tunnel was opened to a new temporary terminus at Dover Harbour. The permanent terminus was completed after February 1865 and was known as Dover Town and Harbour and was renamed Dover Harbour on 1.7.1899. The station had an overall roof over its two platforms. There was also an unusual feature, with part of the the down platform on wheels. This allowed a section of the platform to be swung out of the way giving access to the line to the Prince of Wales Pier and the Promenade Railway.

On 30.8.1864 Chatham trains also ran on into the SER's Admiralty Pier station where there was interchange with continental ferries. This service ceased with the withdrawal of continental ferries in August 1914 after the start of WW1.

In June 1881 a double track link line to a point close to the South Eastern Railway's Dover Town Station was build to permit through working of South Eastern Railway trains over the newly opened joint line to Deal.

There were now three stations in the harbour area and on 14.10.1914 the SER's Dover Town station was closed with all local South Eastern trains being diverted over the Hawkesbury Street Curve into the LCD's Dover Priory Station. The number of trains calling at Dover Harbour Station was also gradually reduced until it too was closed from 11.7.1927. The platforms and overall roof were removed two years after closure but the main station building is still extant.

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Dover Harbour Station in 1910 - the movable section platform is visible on the left where the track can be seen running under the platform.
Copyright p
hoto from John Alsop collection

The south end of Dover Harbour Station in 1925
Copyright photo from John Alsop collection

Dover Harbour Station seen from the Western Heights in May 1992. Although the platforms and overall roof have gone the main station buildings are still extant.
hoto by Nick Catford





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[Source:Nick Catford]

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