Station Name: PEEL ROAD

[Source: Paul Wright]

Date opened: 6.1883
Location: On the south side of the A20 Peel Road.
Company on opening: Manx Northern Railway
Date closed to passengers: 6.1951
Date closed completely: 6.1951
Company on closing: Isle of Man Railway
Present state: The platform is still extant but heavily overgrown.
County: Isle of Man
OS Grid Ref: SC266832
Date of visit: 24.7.2006

Notes: Peel Road originally opened as Poortown in June 1883. The station was situated on the Manx Northern Railways 1879 St Johns to Ramsey line. The station was the Manx Northern Railways nearest station to Peel which was over a mile away. In 1885 the station was renamed as Peel Road.

The station consisted of a single platform with a simple wooden building which provided staff accommodation and a waiting room. The platform was connected to the A20 Road which passed over the line by a ramp. Train services ran to Ramsey in the north and St Johns which lay to the south east. At St Johns connections could be made with Isle of Man Railway services running between Douglas and Peel. It is known that some through services did operate to Douglas at this time.

More trains were operated in the summer months. In the summer of 1887 there were nine trains to Ramsey Monday-to-Saturday which reduced to five in the winter. On Sundays there were three trains to Ramsey in the Summer and two in the winter. The December 1895 timetable showed five trains in each direction Monday-to-Saturday and two each way on Sundays.

On 24 May 1905 the St Johns to Ramsey line was taken over by the Isle of Man Railway and through services to Douglas became common.

The July 1922 timetable showed ten up and nine down services Monday-to-Saturday as shown in the table below. On Sundays there were three trains in each direction.

Up Trains July 1922 Destination Down Trains July 1922 Destination
7.29am Douglas 8.54am Ramsey
9.28am Douglas 11.09am Ramsey
10.23am Douglas 12.42pm Ramsey
12.04pm Douglas 2.51pm Ramsey
1.37pm Douglas 4.07pm Ramsey
2.30pm Douglas 5.05pm Ramsey
4.53pm Douglas 6.17pm Ramsey
6.01pm Douglas 7.52pm Ramsey
7.14pm Douglas 9.42pm Ramsey
8.20pm Douglas    

Being in a somewhat isolated location Peel Road station became an unstaffed halt after 1937. During that year there were eleven trains to Ramsey in the summer and seven in the winter Monday-to-Saturday. On sundays there were three trains in the summer and none in the winter.

It was an early closure in June 1951 after which passenger services just passed through.

The line closed to passenger services on 6 September 1968. Goods services in the form of an oil tank train continued until April 1969. The track on the St Johns to Ramsey line was sold for scrap in 1973 and lifted shortly afterwards.

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Douglas to Ramsey by Tom Heavyside - Middleton Press 2004 - ISBN 978 1 904474 39 5
Isle of Man Railways Vol. 1 Pre 1873 - 1904, Vol 2 1905 - 1994 & Vol. 3 by J I C Boyd - the definitive history of the Isle of Man railways - Oakwood Press.

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Peel Road station looking north in 1961
Photo by H C Casserley

Peel Road station shown on a one-inch scale map from 1906.

Peel Road station seen from the road bridge in August 1982. The overgrown platform can just be made out. The ramp down from the road can be seen on the right.
Photo by Tim Stevens

Looking north at Peel Road Station in July 2006.
Photo by Paul Wright

A view looking south along the platform at Peel Road station in March 2016.
Photo by Jeffrey Kelly

Looking north at the site of Peel Road station in March 2016.
Photo by Jeffrey Kelly

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[Source: Paul Wright]

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