Station Name: SANDON DOCK

[Source: Paul Wright]

Date opened: 6.3.1893
Location: On the west side of Regent Road opposite the junction with Sandon Way
Company on opening: Liverpool Overhead Railway
Date closed to passengers: Before May 1896
Date closed completely: Before May 1896
Company on closing: Liverpool Overhead Railway
Present state: Demolished
County: Lancashire
OS Grid Ref: SJ337929
Date of visit: 24.9.2005

Notes: Sandon Dock was one of the original stations of the Liverpool Overhead Railway (LOR) opening with the line on 6 March 1893. The LOR was an elevated railway that ran north/south along the Liverpool dock system. The line was 16 feet above street level carried on a steel structure. Beneath it ran the Mersey Dock & Harbour Board railway. At the time of opening the LOR ran between Herculaneum Dock in the south and Alexandra Dock in the north. The railway was worked by electricity from the start.

Sandon Dock station was located at the north-east corner of the dock after which it was named. To the east running parallel with the line was Regent Road which formed part of the Liverpool 'Dock Road'. To the east of Regent Road was the Sandon & Canada Dock Goods Station of the Midland Railway (MR) which had opened on 2 June 1873. The station was accessed via steps located at its southern end. It was provided with waiting shelters on each platform.

To the south of the station the line dropped down to street level via a steep incline so that it could pass under the North Docks Branch Railway of the Lancashire & Yorkshire Railway. It then climbed back up again to resume its course as an elevated railway.

At first Sandon Dock was served by a high frequency train service running between Herculaneum and Alexandra Dock stations but from 30 April 1894 northbound trains continued over an extended section of line to Seaforth Sands.

Some time before May 1896 Sandon Dock station was closed and replaced by Huskisson Dock located a short distance to its north and by Nelson Dock to its south. It was still standing in 1927 but had been demolished by the end of the 1930s.

After the closure of Sandon Dock the LOR was extended to Dingle (21 December 1896) and to Seaforth & Litherland (2 July1905) and it became a very successful line carrying millions of passengers every year. In 1955 a structural survey found extensive corrosion of the structure that would have cost an estimated £2 Million. The LOR could not afford the cost and the line closed on 30 December 1956. It was demolished at the end of 1957.

Route map by Alan Young


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Sandon Dock station seen from the air 31 years after closure in 1927. The Sandon & Canada Dock Goods Station is seen to the right.
Reproduced with the kind permission of Simmons Aerofilms Ltd

Sandon Dock station shown after closure on a six-inch scale map from 1900. The replacement station which was called Huskisson Dock can be seen to the north. To the east is the Sandon & Canada Dock Goods Station of the Midland Railway.

Sandon Dock station shown after closure on a 1:2,500 scale map from 1906.

Looking north towards Sandon Dock station in March 1941. The station was located just after the point where the line can be seen curving to the left in the distance. Leading up to the site of Sandon Dock is the inclined section of the LOR that carried the line under the former LYR North Docks Branch Railway from which the photo was taken. A German bomb had hit the LOR causing extensive damage.

A view looking south towards the site of Sandon Dock station taken from Huskisson Dock station in 1956. The Sandon Dock LOR station had been just to the rear of the train.
Photo by D J Norton

Looking north west towards the site of Sandon Dock LOR station in September 2005.
hoto by Paul Wright




:[Source: Paul Wright]

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